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    The ABC kittens made it to Dulles on Sunday!

    Just an update for all who were following the snow and
    the rescue of the 2 ABC kittens who flew out
    on Sunday for Dulles.

    We dropped off the kittens around 1 and waved goodbye
    as they got into the bus. When I got home, according
    to the FAA website it said that Dulles was closed until
    Monday. But according to the Aruba Airport and United,
    the flight was a go.

    So we spent an agonizing night wondering what was happening.
    The adoptive mother was planning on meeting them at the
    airport and didn't know what to do.

    To make a long story short, I got an email from her yesterday

    Well the plane left an hour late so was due to arrive at 9pm. We got to the airport and called Alison around 9:20 but they were still on the plane because the gateway (or whatever you call that thing that rolls out to the plane so people can get off) was jammed plus something was stuck underneath the plane. To make a long story short, we finally connected and I took the little gals home and set them up in their room sometime between 10:30 & 11 PM. Today they seem fine - they were playing with one of those round cat toys with a mouse inside that goes round and round when you bat at it. Used the litter box like pros. Ate some wet cat food. I played with them for a while and will check on them in a little bit. A few of my other cats have been hanging around the door - we'll give them some time before introductions. So all is well

    I am so relieved that they made it safe and sound. I just got an email
    this morning from the woman who took them and said they were little angels the entire time. Not a peep from them and they were just great.

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    love the success stories!

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    Hope the "introductions" to the other cats goes well.

    Congratulations on your compassion and the adoption process.


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    That is wonderful!! I'm sure the babies will do fine with the introductions. Do you have names for them yet??

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    We initially named them 'queenie' and 'sweetie'. Because one is
    'queen of pats' and the other one is more shy but really sweet.

    After rescuing almost 75 cats now - we are running out of names!

    Have done 'movie' and 'cartoon' themes! Maybe I should
    have a 'name the next set of cats' contests! LOL!

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