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Thread: Airport meetup

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    Airport meetup

    Hi, I am flying in Friday afternoon on US Air. We are meeting people who are flying in on American and we land about 30 minutes apart. This is our 3rd trip to Aruba, but first time having to meet anyone at the airport - so I assume there is only one terminal, but I'm not positive. Can anyone let me know where the best place to meet at the airport would be? We are going to take one taxi to the hotel.


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    My suggestion: Arrange to meet at the luggage 'merry-go-rounds' in the terminal. I believe that everyone's luggage gets to that area...usually not very crowded; you should be able to meet up with no problem.
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    make sure there is a back up plan.

    during this time of year, the flights especially coming from Miami can be delayed due to thunderstorms.

    in the event that one of the flights is delayed by a significant amount of time, it'd be good to revert to plan B that is in place.


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    If you do clear 30 minutes ahead (check their arrival in the baggage area) you can go out and go immediately to the left (facing the street). There are some food stands there with tables and chairs. I've met a lot of flights in the last month or so and this area is never full. Otherwise you can just sit in the chairs opposite where everyone comes out (often occupied though - that's where I sit - and wait there.

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