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    I'll tell you when I get back! ;)
    Im glad this thread came up, I was planning to use my Wells Fargo Debit/CC card, but with 3% fee of the total for each purchase, no thanks!

    It will be either cash or my Capital One card, and if they don't take master card, I will use my credit union visa debit/cc wich only has a 1% fee by visa.

    If you don't have a Capital One card and bank with a credit union, thats probably your best bet other than cash.

    Note: If you do use your debit card, always use it as a credit card, rather than entering in your pin number for purchases. This hinders any would be thieves gaining direct access to your bank account.

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    Be sure to call your credit card company and tell them you are traveling to another country and your inclusive dates of the trip. That is when we found out that if we used our Visa Card they would add a out of country service fee regardless of the currency. Our AmerExp charged no fee so that's what we used.

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    Have always used my CitiBank MC Platinum in the past and never got charged "foreign transaction fees" in Aruba until last year. Citi now charges a fee no matter if the charge is in Dollars or Florins.

    I now use my Amex Gold card in Aruba. Amex does not charge the fee as long as the charges are in Dollars. I only use my CC for hotel and car so I'm not worried about the retailers/restaurants who don't take it/like it. We use cash for all other things in Aruba.
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