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    Question Another topless thread


    I'm new to the board, and just confirmed air tkts + Aruba Bucuti Beach Resort for our honeymoon in december!

    Although we've been to a lot of places, this is our first time in Aruba. Actually, first time in the Caribbean!

    It means we'll have a lot of questions over the next weeks (don't worry, I know there is a search feature), hope you can help us to make this trip wonderful.

    Let me start by one rather important question. Searching the board, I found contradicting (and dated) information concerning topless, some people even mentioning it's illegal. Hope this is wrong.

    To the point: is ok for my gf (then wife) to go topless? I can assure it will esthetically match the beauty of Aruba's beaches

    How about me looking at the other boobies, is it too rude to stare for awhile? I've only seen beach topless once, for a brief moment in Bali (I was departing when she arrived), so this is a somewhat new experience to us - too "offensive" here in Brazil, go figure...

    And how would you do when you need to take a picture and there's a topless lady in the scenery? Ask her permission? Ask her to move? Just shot?

    We really don't know the protocols and don't want to embarrass people THAT much. Indeed, I hope to find plenty of topless, so everyone would be comfortable with that (I know some oversensitive types will be embarrased anyway, but one can't catter to all groups).

    Inputs are appreciated.



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    Welcome to the forum.

    The search you did on toplessness may have been dated, however the info is still the same. You are staying at the Bucuti which caters to adults and discourages children.

    I would contact the resort directly or to clarify their policy. I think the biggest question would be is she only allowed to only sun "bathe" topless or walk the beach and swim topless as well. Some resorts ask their patrons to be more discrete than others when it comes to these different types of activities.
    "Is Bucuti Beach Resort a good place to spend my honeymoon?
    Yes, if you are looking for a romantic getaway, Bucuti is an excellent place for a honeymoon. Be certain to let us know you are on your honeymoon (, because we like to have special complimentary amenities waiting for you - regardless how you book or which rate plan you are on.
    If you prefer a more active honeymoon adventure with a crowded beach for people watching and interaction with other visitors you may meet on the beach near you, perhaps you might prefer one of Aruba's high rise resorts. We will gladly assist you in finding the right resort for you, simply contact us by e-mail with your questions. We do not believe in trying to be everything to everyone and will be very honest about whether Bucuti is the right place for you. We concentrate on making your peaceful, romantic getaway, the best you can find on the island. "

    Awhile back I questioned the Aruba Tourism Authority on this subject and received the following reply,

    "Toplessness & Nudity

    From Francis Jacobs, the PR Coordinator of the Aruba Tourism Authority,
    "I would like to explain a little bit about your concern. Topless in Aruba is not illegal, there is no law against it, but it's not permitted on public beaches. We have two private beaches where they accept to do so, which are The Renaissance island & De Palm island. Manchebo Beach Resort [next door to the Bucuti] deals a lot with European & they have a separated area where European go Topless, but they are not allowed to walk on the beach topless. Thank you so much for your interest on the island Aruba, & hope to see you soon."

    Perspective from Jamilie Geerman, an Aruban female in her twenty's,
    "Well, I think it's disrespectful, & the elderly Aruban's think the same. I guess men don't care, & actually like it. But as women, we don't feel so comfortable with it, & feel it's disrespectful. Some on the other hand don't care. I say it's not allowed near La Cabana [a family resort on Eagle Beach] for example, & that it is very disrespectful for little kids. I don't care much for me, but for the little kids." As a side note, all Aruba beaches are public & children can be found just about anywhere on them on the island. Even on school days, it is part of the curriculum."

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    "I can assure it will esthetically match the beauty of Aruba's beaches "

    Nicely worded..! You won't find plenty of topless, but some.... mostly in the low rise area. Enjoy your trip and keep us 'abreast' of your adventures....

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    Look but don't touch.

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    I am in Aruba at the Manchebo now. There was a topless woman on the beach earlier. She was standing and walking a bit, but it really was no big deal.

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    Good morning everyone,

    The very subject of this thread is part of Aruba's appeal to some of us. And yes, I am sensitive to the sensibilities and sensitivities of others, both Aruban and visitors alike.

    Back to the thread though, my biggest challenges in this regard are; 1. Getting a really good pair of wrap-around, mirrored sunglasses. and 2. I've been going to Aruba on and off for 28 years, but I still haven't developed that "casual glance" skill which is so necessary for enjoying some of Aruba's beaches.

    If anyone, or anyone's husband has got the "casual glance thing" perfected, please let me know. Till then, I'll just make sure my chaisse lounge is more than arm's length away from my wife's when we're on the beach.

    BB friends like Amy and Lisa already know that I don't take myself too seriously on threads like this.

    Have a good one,


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    When the wife sees other women take off their tops, she takes off something glasses.

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