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    Any Feedback about storm and Hotels

    Coming to Raddisson and Divi Phoenix in 2 weeks, any drop off at beach ? Called Raddisson and security director said all is 90% back to normal with no drop off into ocean? Any pics or feedback. Also going to Divi Phoenix ANY info would either help or confirm our trip please anyone who is there or just got home please update us. if easier direct email

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    Read the other previous posts and look at their pictures..Its all history now.

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    We just arrived home on Thursday and there is basically no more beach front at the Raddisson! The Marriott hotels took a big hit also. There was a major drop off when we left but they really were doing all they can to restore the beach front. I think that it will be fine in 2 weeks

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    Storm info

    We got home last night. The damage after the storm was pretty bad. We stayed at the Aruba Beach Club and they lost a lot of beach. There is about a five foot drop on the sand just to get to the water. And a lot of huge rocks just before the water. ABC had a few chickees blow over. But, we had a great time after the storm moved out. I am sure that all the beacjes will be back to normal looking after a few days.

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