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    Any Aruba beach...
    13,144 Some free music, including downloads

    Dh and I both have the ringtone below on our cell phones...won't be confused with too many other's phones that is for sure!

    Download MP3 ring tune for your cell phone

    Here is my list of island music on my iPod

    My first, and still all time favorite Soca/Calypso CD is Soca Jump Up

    I still find Virgin Megastores to have the best selection of Soca music. If you go to "music, genre, soca" it will list what they have available.

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    Good one Lisa, Great ringtone...I sat back and had a good chuckle to myself after it downloaded.....

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    hey Lisa,

    There are Aruban artists who sing that bacardi song. The groups name is called BMW. The version you all hear when you are in Aruba is by this band. They have great carnival songs. They also have the wiper song...

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    Wow Lisa you have quite a playlist there!
    Something about that music makes you just get up & dance!
    My dog thinks I'm crazy

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