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Thread: Armed Robbery at Kay Jewelers at Palm Beach

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    Armed Robbery at Kay Jewelers at Palm Beach

    Another BB is reporting an armed robbery of Kay Jewelers in Palm Beach. It apparently occurred around 10pm last night. This is usually a fairly busy area around that time.

    Anyone have any additional information? This store gets a lot of my business when we are in Aruba.


    I just found a link to a newspaper article regarding this incident. Can anyone translate?


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    This is very unfortunate. I hope the Aruba police catch those responsible and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

    I will add though that it does not make me feel any less safe in Aruba. Here in the U.S. in our rural town of 5600 we have armed robberies as well.

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    from what i understand the robbers had a getaway car at pasceo mall and then switched cars during the getaway.
    at least 2 tourists caught it on their cell phone videos and are cooperating with the police by sharing the video.

    in the scheme of things, although scary and awful, given the amount of people on the island....tourists, residents and others.......this really a very unusual and isolated incident.

    here is what my friend reported to me by email this morning:
    [B]Happened about 10pm- all four had masks on. They took off in one car, left it on the road, then jumped in another waiting car at Palm Beach plaza and beat tracks. They closed off the whole area. Apparently more than one tourist filmed this with their smartphone, good for police evidence,/B]

    if i find anything else out i will be sure to post it.
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    bunch of morons, where are you dumping stolen jewelry on the island? they'll catch them...

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    from what we heard is that they had a boat ready to jump on and get off the Island...hummm wonder where they would of gone???!!
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    we were there when the robbery occured. they ran in the jewelry store, had a car waiting. shot up a display case, took the jewelry, got back in the car (even went slow over the bumps), dumped the car in the back of the palm beach mall. they had it roped off with a tow truck to remove the car. kay's has a closed sign until further notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvsun View Post
    from what we heard is that they had a boat ready to jump on and get off the Island...hummm wonder where they would of gone???!!
    That doesn't sound smart, it's a long way over open water to get to land.

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    We're down here now and it's all over the news -- plus another robbery today downtown in broad daylight, where two tourists had their passports and other documents stolen.

    ATV has an English news/lifestyle show at 7:15 that's been reporting on it over the last few days. Officials are calling it a "growing epidemic" and are very worried since it's on the rise and Aruba can't afford this kind of issue.

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    just returned yesterday from 3 wks at playa linda. spoke with many eye witnesses. kays was still closed as of sat. the 15th

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    Very unnerving, I live in CT where the school shooting just occurred. My wife and I are looking forward to our trip to Aruba to get away from all these kind of things. I hope they dont continue if they do it maybe time to choose a different destination. Before anyone says it I know things like this happen everywhere. But they don't normally happen in Aruba and that's why we come to this island.

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