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    The beach and the entire island. Don't have a favorite place because they are all wonderful places to me.....


    The other day I was watching a show called Anthony Bourdain, No Reservations and he said something that kind of had me thinking. He was in Laos and he said that sometimes we love something so much that we destroy it. I was thinking about Aruba after he said that. I remember when Aruba was just Aruba. There were no high rise condos and it was just a well kept secret. I just took my 15th trip with my wife in July and was saddened by what my eyes saw. New developments that seem to take away from Aruba what it used to be. A quiet island with just a few tourist that were in on the secret. Now it's become an over crowded island with high rises that remind you of the states. We went there to get away from the hustle and bustle that we lived in everyday. Hopefully, the goverment will put a stop to all the building and keep a little of the islands integrity. What I am getting at is that we all loved Aruba so much that we have all helped destroy it. I will continue to go to Aruba for many more years but knowing that we will never have the old Aruba. I was blessed to have seen Aruba when it was just that, Aruba. A little island that with it's beauty, made it seem so much bigger than what it was.

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    Any beach, party, bar or Casino!!!!!!
    How true but you cant stop progress.

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    Just a added note: Even though the island has changed so much because of the continuing building of high rise hotels; and other things, there is one important element of going to Aruba that has always remained the same...the people!

    No matter how many more tourist come to the island, because of the TV; radio and newspaper ads; they always give you a warm; sincere, and friendly welcome. It seems that the slogan, "One Happy Island," certainly applies to the people and the way they treat each of us when we return year-after-year.

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    moomba, stellaris casino, baby beach,
    regarding their advertisments - aruba is blanketed all over the radios here in nyc - especially as part of radio promotions....

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    The progress(?) of mankind will continue!! There are more and more people being born every day.... and less and less developed land for "we the people" to use for whatever reason..... good and bad!

    That is why the saavy traveler is always looking for the "new" thing or place to retreat for peace and relaxation.... GLTA
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