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    in aruba, amazingly

    By the Grace of God, myself and my niece were able to to fly out of JFK Friday morning, in the middle of a Nor'easter. Never did I think that we would be flying out, but we did. Once we we were above the clouds, I felt much better about the flight. And four and a half hours we were in Aruba.

    It is absoluetly beautiful here and the weather feels great! We jumped into the Caribbean Sea almost immediately after arriving at our resort and it felt warmer than I remember. I will tell you - nothing soothes my body and soul like a dip in that water!

    We were mellow last night as we had hardly slept that night before because of the weather. We ate along Palm Beach at Palms at the Hyatt - we wanted to sit outside and enjoy the warmth. The meal was very good although the service got a bit slow once more tables came in.

    Today we relaxed on the beach all day (tough, right?!). We are headed out to dinner soon, although we are not sure where we are heading yet. We will see where the night takes us.

    I sent a big thank you into the cockpit when we were departing the planeyesterday afternoon. Our captain was heaven - sent in my book. he got us here safely!

    I will post more about our trip as the week continues.

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    Lucky you,my next store neighbor is stuck in Mexico and can't get a flight home until Sunday.Enjoy your vacation.

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    so happy to hear you got out, you couldn't have picked a better time to be away from this mess, well enjoy yourself, have a wonderful time and will look forward to your posts
    A dip in the water, I'm so so jealous

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    Have a great time keep us posted on your trip



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    There is no question that I envy you having arrived safely and now are enjoying what so many of us think of as "Paradise on earth."

    Hope your vacation there continues to be wonderful

    Just an added note; we are expecting more snow this coming Wednesday the third of March. Much of our snow has melted, but the down side, is that many of the streets and sidewalks refreeze making it rather difficult both walking and driving.

    So far, a conservative estimate, since December 20th we have had 56+ inches of snow and we still have March to go.

    With all that in mind, I am sure that you are thankful to having been able to get your flight; and happy and enjoying all the sun and surf..

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    I know that you are ecstatic that you were able to make it out of this nasty weather and into paradise. I am sure that you will enjoy your time there. Can't wait to see the updates!!!

    Aruba trip in

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    Wonderful news! Enjoy and thanks for sharing your experiences!

    August 20 - we'll be b-a-a-a-c-k at the Ocean Club!

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    Glad to hear another aruba lover is there basking in the sun ! Enjoy every minute of that beautiful ocean and therapudic sun !

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