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    Aruba bank special hours on wed 3/10/10

    Aruba bank has special hour on wed, do to the death of Janice Frankins husband and son and daughter, so employees can attend the funeral. This sounds tragic and our thoughts and prayers go out to Janice. What hapened?
    Tim/Kathy Nelen

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    Yes, we were also notified of Aruba Bank's change in hours due to the funeral. We found an article of 24 Ora, but having difficulty translating it. Appears it may have been a car accident? Not sure ... can someone confirm. Thanks.

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    Also received notification today from bank and Ehampite is correct concerning the car accident. This will bring the total car fatalities for this year to either 6 or 7, bully would know the exact number. This is very sad for the family and mother, I cant believe that we have not completed 3 months and there have been so many deaths. The police are doing more enforcement and I have seen more frequent checkpoint stops for seatbelt and registration and insurance. But you still see the idiot drivers (mostly the A plates) passing or driving on the wrong side of road at high speeds. I own a very large vehicle with an A plate that could do some damage but constantly swerve to the side to avoid a head on. People have to respect life and licenses need to be revoked. I'm not positve but it appears the accident was in San Nicholas on the main road near young fellows and a vehicle involving drag racing may have been involved.

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    have these folks have so little respect for life, rules of the road?
    so many young drivers, here , and on aua have no concept that death is very final.

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    Hi Mark, hi every body if you go on www or or you will see the pictures of the car accident.

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