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Thread: Aruba Beach photos are used for marketing for "other" islands

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    I thought that Turks commercial on TV had some strikingly familiar scenes, maybe this is the reason.

    But perhaps the hidden truth is a good thing (keeping too many of us visiting)

    The weather is nice too, 365 days a year
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    That's crazy! I've been to a lot of islands and the beaches in Aruba for me are the best but a lot of these island can promote themselves with pictures of their own beaches which are gorgeous.

    Cayman Island 7 miles beach is gorgeous, Turks & Caicos beaches are very similar to Aruba with white sand, Puerto Rico has some awesome beaches south of the San Juan area and their island of viequez has over 20 secluded gorgeous beaches. Bermuda beaches gives aruba some competition with the pink sand. I spent 2 hours alone in clear water beach in Bermuda and you would not believe how gorgeous this beach is. The area was a US military base which is now abandoned thus its secluded.

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    I suspect there are lazy advertizing people who look for top quality images of beautiful beaches to use in their ads. Since the photos in question were taken by a pro, they were probably very appealing. Great photos of beautiful beaches are better than average photos of beautiful beaches.

    I'm not saying Aruba's beaches aren't beautiful.

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