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    For our last trip to Aruba we chose Paradera Park Apts - which are out in the cunucu.

    The experience was a real eye opener as the 'hotel strip' seemed inconsequential. We did go to a BB party at AMBR, but otherwise avoided the area.

    Aruba seems more of a paradise at Paradera than it does on Palm Beach. JMHO

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    Aruba since 1979
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    welcome back auntie
    where have you been?

    this is an interesting thread and i enjoy all of the comments!

    andrea j

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    I would like to offer a counterpoint to what I'm reading here, from a very different perspective. I spend two months a year in Aruba. But, I am writing this from Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. Here, by contrast, is an island that mostly has NOT changed (except for the addition of Digicel). There are no big hotels at all. Shopping is limited and hugely expensive. You can't find a hotel room in season under $300/night. The only way to get here is to leave the East Coast at 6 AM to fly to St. Thomas (where you then take a ferry) or San Juan (where you then take a 9 seat Cessna). From the West Coast, it's impossible to get here without losing a day, and overnighting in San Juan. Your week just became 5 days.

    Aruba has changed... but with the mass tourism also comes the inexpensive, direct flight on American or JetBlue, clean, contemporary supermarkets, and endless dining options.

    Aruba doesn't offer the amazing cuisine that St. Maarten (especially Grand Case) does, and does not offer Dutch people the option of flying directly from Amsterdam, staying a few days on a beach, eating all authentic Dutch food, and never speaking a word of anything but Dutch the whole time, the way that Curacao does.

    But there is place after place to have a lovely meal outdoors, be it on a beach or at Passeo Hernencia, plenty of gorgeous beaches (how many people presume the biggest hotels have the best beach, and never go to Manchebo or Eagle Beach, thinking Palm Beach is as good as it gets?), great tour operators, good shopping, and enough ways to still make it a vacation paradise.

    I like the new stores, restaurants, and shops that are popping up. And guess what? They are starting to fill in the space between the high rises heading inland, which will in turn make those hotels and inns more attractive to vacationers. More banana boats on the most populated beach doesn't ruin Aruba for me... like everywhere, it's all knowing where to go.

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    Reminisce away EDRONENBURG, nothing but great stories and times about AUA. Here's a thought, not knowing anything about tarriffs and such, set up an export for Balashi with a % of proceeds to go to infrastructure repair. Damn, they asked me for $ for the stray dogs last time I was there. Just have a concerned goodwill ambassador in charge of the dollars and cents so that it doesn't fall into government hands. Listen I'm not trying to change the world, just a little piece of it.

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    Some things haven't changed - still the "goat grates" for the hospital entry ways!

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    Thanks, Lizzardo. Some places cling to the "old ways." I do think that Teamaruba has valid points made. There are so many thoughts and ideas about remedying the lack of infrastructure repairs and, each of us... tourist and natives... need to do our part to keep the island clean...Knowing that the Aruba Tourist Authority sponsors and also monitors, this Board; it should not be to much to suggest that the Aruba Tourist Authority bring the comments and suggestions to the attention of the necessary authorities that could implement repairs for the good of all.

    Again, just my thoughts.
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    Catashi, thats were our rented bungalow is. Our fav beach is Rogersbeach. Our favorite hangout, the Cigar Lounge of Ruben de Lange.
    In March were going for the third time in a row, were renting a bungalow, with an own pool, for 6 (just the two of us )at Catashi it's on the outskirts of Arikok, behind Santa Cruz, far away from the crowed tourits spots.

    Catashi is a small street with only 10/11 bungalow's in Aruban style, we have 5 weeks of rest and peace. Most of the bungalow's are inhabited by Arubans, all of them friendly, the all greet you in the morning when they go to work. Goat's roam the place in the late afternoon.

    You have to do your'e own shopping and cooking, but if you don't feel like cooking you'll just go out for a bite.

    Our fav beach is Roger Beach, next to Baby Beach, no tourisum there, we go in the morning and have the beach to ourself.

    We come to Catashi after a year of hard work just to chill out, no hassle a for 5 weeks we live the Aruban way of live, it's heaven!

    Here's the site of the bungalow:
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