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    I pretty much try to stay under a palapa or Palm tree especially during the middle of the day. I put sunscreen on my face - 15. Otherwise, I just put a light moisturizing lotion on the rest of me - 8. I get a nice tan even sitting in the shade. When I go snorkeling, I do lather up my back and back of legs with a 15 so I won't burn. I really think that staying in the shade in Aruba, you can still get a tan - you are in the sun when walking on the beach and swimming. But these limited times in direct sun seem to be enough for me to get a light, moderate tan that gives me that healthy,out-in-the sun look without burning, peeling or turning my skin to leather. I think it is important to limit your time in the direct sun. JMHO....Cheryl

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    sun very cloudy
    mon great day alot of sun some clouds no rain
    tues this is our 20 something time here and i have never seen it rain like it did. I was down town and some of the streets were 10-12 inches deep in rain
    wed hazy sun we were able to get some good color but not a great day but ok.

    as always you can never get a straight answer on the forcast. Lookiing outside right now and see alot of stars. Hope it stays clear. It is a little odd down town. Went there last night about 10pm and there was no one I mean no one on the streets around crystal or seaport casino. It seems a little slower than usual. But the surf club is busy. Have been going over to ocean club pool due to the fact there is always alot less small children.

    As always a great time here!!!!

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