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    Aruba - High Season

    We just left Aruba after our 5th trip to this wonderful island. We are thinking about going back at the end of Feb 2011 but we have never traveled during the "high season". Are the hotels, restaurants, etc extremely busy with long waits for everything at the end Feb?

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    We travel during Xmas (high season) and the end of Feb/ first few weeks of March depending.

    While Feb and March is still high season, it does not compare to week 51 or 52! Hotels, generally, are still busy but reasonable. I still need to go down early and get chairs but not at the ungodly hour I do at Christmas. Restaurant reservations for the popular places need to be done early but not like Christmas.

    The first week of March, I have found is quieter than the week before and the week after. Second week in March is spring break for many Colleges in Boston and New Jersey. Many College kids with their parents come at this time.
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents

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    aruba high season.

    We are in Aruba the last two wks of Feb and 4 wks in March. Last yr I waited till we got there to make reservations at MJ's. Needless to say, couldn't get in before 9 or 9:30pm. Finally got a reservation for March. This year Carnivale is later. The Grand Parade will be March 6. It's very crowded for carnivale.
    I would suggest making reservations on line for favorite restaurants before you head to Aruba.

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    I have a week 6 Pool-oceanview for rent at at the Renaissance if interested. Bill

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    I've been going last week in Feb. and the first week in March for a few years now.IMO it is the best time to go.

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