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Thread: Aruba Hospitality and Friendliness

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    Aruba Hospitality and Friendliness

    Do you have a particular "hospitality, kindness friendliness" story from one of your Aruba trips?
    Has an Aruban or and Aruba resident made such an impression ..... a random act of kindness that you'd like to share?
    Actually I am sure that many of you/us have many stories.

    I am on my way out to visit a friend in the hospital and i will give some thought to my response of this thread and post later

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    We have many
    i started listing them
    then it started sounding braggie
    suffice to say I will just list their names; Bully, Mike Mattalo and wife, Scott and Leslie, Aquaman and Bobby, Tom, Christian and AnnaMarie, Lilianna, Kent, Arias, Maluska, Jorge
    Thank you to all of them for extending themselves to us

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    2 stories really stand out to me.

    On one of our first trips to Aruba we were on our way to dinner and I didn't time it quite right. Our taxi driver realized this before I did. He made sure we had wiggle room for our reservation time and then told us we weren't going to miss a sunset on his watch. He pulled us into Manchebo resort and hurried us through to the beach. The 3 of us stood there on such a beautiful beach and watched the sunset. He took the time and had the thoughtfulness to make sure we got to see that. I don't know that taxi driver's name, and I wouldn't recognize him if we ever saw him again, but how amazing was that? He could have been on his way to his next fare, but instead he made sure we had a beautiful experience.

    My next story was at Pelican's Nest. On our 2nd trip, we went to happy hour at Pelican's Nest. The bartender Jonathan has always been one of my favorite people to visit with. As we chatted, he said he remembered us. Being a skeptic and a former bartender, my first thought was of course he's going to say that, he's trying to make us happy. I guess he saw the look on my face and immediately he said - the last time you were here was your honeymoon and you were sitting over there. And he was exactly right. We went on to chat that day and many days since. Now we are Facebook friends and always enjoy catching up in person. He went from our bartender to our friend very quickly.

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    On our 2nd stay at the Divi, we had checked in and were walking through the lobby on our way to the beach. No fewer than 4 of the staff went out of their way to come up and welcome us home and give me a big hug. I never experienced anything like it. Every trip since has been the same with the warmest welcomes ever.

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    Our last experience at the Ritz in July takes the cake. Sebastian (our waiter from April) found out we were back at the Ritz after we were asking for him, they called him to let him know my son CJ was asking for him- we got to know him well in April. He then left his family to come in on his off night to see my son, what an incredible surprise.

    Another night Sebastian set up a table for my son to make his own pizza with all the fixings. The head chef, Chef Stanwick assisted my son. When finished making the pizza the took my son into the kitchen to watch the chef put it into the oven.

    Sebastian picked our family up and took us to the zoo for the day and then did some touring with us.

    Sebastian arranged the most incredible experience for my son on our last evening. CJ loves spiderman, so what does Sebastian do? He gets a full spiderman outfit and a coworker to wear it. Spiderman made pizza with my son, incredible!!!!! We have some great photos of this, just amazing.

    Sebastian also insisted on driving us to the airport, we got to meet his wonderful wife then as well. Sebastian is now a friend, him and his wife are welcome in my home any time they want to visit the US!

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    On our first stay at the Surf eight years ago, we began chatting with a bartender at the pool bar named Jennard. He was so nice, funny and friendly. Now the first few times we went to the island, we didn't rent a car and relied on the bus and taxis. We had reservations for 7:00 one night, and being close to the Surf we decided to walk. As we were leaving, we saw Jennard as he was getting off work and started talking to him. He asked where we going and when we said Sawasdee, he said you'll never make it in time. So he put us in his car and drove us there himself. We made dinner on time and a friend for life. We still see Jennard every visit and he and my wife are Facebook friends.

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    We had our first taste of Aruba friendliness during our first trip to the island and it really helped convince us that this was a place that we could call home.
    We had rented a jeep that trip and had parked in Tony Roma's parking lot for an afternoon stroll and sunset view. Upon returning to the parking lot we found a flat tire on the jeep. The jeep was equipped with a spare and tire iron so I proceeded to loosen the lug nuts on the flat. Well that wasn't happening...god knows how long they had been on there and I'm sure the salt air didn't help things.
    A security guard for at the adjacent casino saw the struggle and walked over to assist. This guy was native Aruban and was large and in charge. He tried to loosen the lugs, I think he got two off at the time, but the other three wouldn't budge. After wiping the sweat from his brow he say's to wait a minute and heads back to the casino. After about 10 minutes he returns with a can of WD40 and a bigger title iron. I have no idea where he found that stuff in the casino, but anyway he gives the remaining a spray and then stands on this huge tire iron and snap, off they come. I jacked up the jeep and went to get the spare, but this giant of a man wouldn't hear of it. He grasp the spare and put it on, tightens everything up and say's you're all set. Mind you he now soaking wet in his security uniform and won't take a dime for his trouble. I stuffed a bill in his pocket and said got to go...
    So that's our Aruba friendliness story and one we'll never forget.


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    As we were in MCO airport waiting to go to Aruba our very first time we met some locals who were heading back.
    They told us all about the big events happening that the King's birthday and big parades.. the visit of the king and queen, their Labor Day events and where all the "stuff was happening" Drank coffee with them and got an amazing update of the island.
    When we got to the Renn. when ask the clerk if there was any comp upgrades she gave us a beautiful view of the pool and ocean and some free drinks.
    As we were enjoying our evening watching the sunset and listening to the most amazing music at the Renn. market... we were greeted by three local men (all in their 70's born & raised) listening to them tell us about the island and how great it was..
    Every day we were met by locals... from the airport to the time we had to go home.
    No wonder everyone just loves the feel, hospitality, the warmth and the list can go on forever in an amazing place...
    Wish we were going there instead of the cruise but ... I will still be with the grandkids and the best son a mum can ask for.

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    On one of our stays while getting loaded into to the shuttle to take us to the car rental place I dropped a pretty expensive pair of sunglasses. I looked around but couldn't find them so I just gave up looking. Fast forward to us being at the rental car agency some guy walks up to me with my sunglasses. Apparently a taxi driver saw them on the ground as we pulled off, picked them up and followed us to the rental agency to return them to me. I tried to give him a reward but he wouldn't take it.

    Since then there have been others that have shown kindness but that one will always stick out in my mind.

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