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Thread: In Aruba, I resolve to at least "TRY" to

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    Aruba since 1979
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    In Aruba, I resolve to at least "TRY" to

    In Aruba, I resolve to try to get into the "aruba relaxed zone" within 12 hours of arrival.

    I resolve to "try" to eat fish that still looks like a fish...............ok, let's be real, this is very unlikely to happen.
    I resolve to try get myself to The Restaurant @ Terra Del Sol. (too many times our plans have changed )

    I resolve to try to stay with my 30 WW points a day and resolve to earn 20 fitness points a day.

    To not badger my husband about his unwillingness to play poolside bingo with soon as BINGO is announced, he goes in and takes a nap.

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    West Deck in the afternoon
    I resolve to try and get to restaurants that are new to us instead of falling back on old favorites.

    I resolve to try and NOT talk about health issues, doctors and upcoming appointments

    I absolutely resolve to not only try, but succeed at relaxing and just having fun!!!!!!!

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    I resolve to try to relax completely, meet new people and see old friends, and eat new foods at new restaurants.

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    I will try and relax the minute we get there - usually it takes me a day or two to calm down.
    I will try not worry about what's going on at home - elderly doggie (almost 15) and 25 year old son dog sitting!
    I will try not to check my work email - BF has threatened to throw my phone in the ocean if he catches me!

    Andrea - I will also try to stay within my WW points - but at Divi AL that's kinda impossible! My plan is to walk the beach to Eagle Beach each day and do the morning aerobics class - we'll see!! I also have never played bingo and want to try that!

    And dear BF has agreed to try horseback riding!! We'll see....

    Fun topic!
    Hopefully we'll be back in Spring 2018

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    Arashi Beach, Hyatt, Radisson, Shopping, Flea Market, Downtown, Palm Beach, Everything
    I resolve to do everything we always do which is why we love going there. Though this year we will add our morning walks.

    I resolve to not change anything about our "Aruba Routine" except to add a few more restaurants.

    I do resolve to find a store that can equal or surpass the "Caribbean Queen" though I'm not sure that will be possible..

    I don't have to worry about getting into Aruba Time. That happens when the pilot says welcome to Aruba. And just like that, I am on "island time"...

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    Under a palapa on Palm beach
    I resolve to try to get out to smaller, local restautants away from Palm Beach, sleep in a few days, to get more snorkeling done since we schlep all that gear with us, we really need to use it more, to do a rum tasting, to be perfectly okay with all of these plans getting cancelled in exchange for relaxing beach days!
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    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort
    I resolve to continue sampling different rum drinks.....

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    Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, any beach
    I too resolve to CHILL OUT starting minute 1 that my feet are on the ground on the island
    I resolve to try NOT to worry about what big fish are swimming with me in the sea
    I resolve to try NOT to think about the last day until it is the last day
    I resolve to NOT care that I haven't the perfect beach body
    I resolve to TRY TO win a big JACKPOT at one of the casinos!!!!!!!

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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    I resolve to...

    1. explore as much of the island as possible in the short time I am blessed to be there.
    2. interact with the people of the island
    3. leave it 'better' than I found it (this is a principle I try to live wherever I go)
    4. make memories

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    everywhere and anywhere
    I resolve to continue doing the same thing I always do....when we get on the plane in Charlotte I shut off phone and start island not shut island time off till I land in Pittsburgh and have no other choice !!!!
    I resolve to try at least one new restaurant in November.....
    I resolve to try to remember to bring something to leave at Charlie's.....have tried to remember for over 20 years and never ever remember....

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