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Thread: Aruba Names

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    Aruban Names

    After several trips to Aruba, I became interested in how some of friends had been named by their parents, or how they themselves had named their kids. As I am sure, many who have visited Aruba have come across some unusual names. I asked 1 friend about her daughters name...Jonerly and was told it was a combination of her husband's name and her name ( Beverly). Another friend has the name Sherwin, which while not all that unusual prompted me to ask how he got that name. His response was interesting. It turns out that at the time of his birth his father was painting. When contacted to be told of the birth and asked what the boy should be named, the father looked at the paint can....Sherwin-Williams. My friend carries that name still.

    Anyone else ever asked about the origins of some the unique names? I am really curious how Bully got his.

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    A friend's daughter is named "Sindy". She was born in early January and if I remember correctly is was named after Sinterklaas because she was their "Present".
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    While living on sailboats, we met a couple whose little boy was named "Sander" -- he was destined to help with future boat maintenance!

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    an aruban woman that works in the ATA office has 3 children with unusual names (well, maybe they are "usual" in aruba) they are really cool names nonetheless.

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    Anyone else ever asked about the origins of some the unique names? I am really curious how Bully got his.


    Bully is really AMADOR..He does have a story on how he got to be Bully. I will ask him to post that....Its not because he was a bully either :>}

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