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    We only go over New Years because we love it so much! It's also our anniversary! Aruba very soon! December 26th!

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    Our first year in Aruba everyone told us to go to the beach, we were staying at La Cabana, and it was actually very scary being on the beach. The fireworks and firecrackers were flying all over the place and my youngest ds (12 years ago) completely freaked out. It was years before he would ever watch fireworks again.

    We actually enjoy watching the fireworks from our balcony at the Surf Club as we can see the beach and inland. We have gone down to the beach in recent years but it can still be dangerous with all of the firecrackers going off every which way. Two NYE's ago they were lighting fireworks at Moomba and one of them went sideways rather than straight up and hit a person. Our kids were there and said it was scary as they were standing far back as was the injured person. Its great fun but one has to be very careful.

    We love to go out for dinner and then head to back to our resort to take in the new year. Its really something to see.
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents

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