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Thread: Aruba Newbie!

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    yes to the bus.
    also, be aware that the bus drivers using their discretion can deny a ride due to being wet and / or sandy.

    the snorkeling at arashi is not so great imo.
    catalina cove, boca catalina and malmok area are good snorkeling areas and bus ride accessible.

    everyone should please be certain NOT to leave valuable belongings laying on the beach while snorkeling.
    all need to be aware of their surroundings.

    towels and flip flops, i can say with great certainty, will be fine being left on the beach.
    tablets, electronics, cameras, etc….do not chance it.
    get yourself a PAC SAFE or an VACATION VAULT , attach to something "permanent" on the beach.
    Quote Originally Posted by karenlovesvacas View Post
    I am also a newbie, going May 10-17, and was wondering if we could take the bus to all 3 beaches - Arashi, Malmock, & Catalina Cove? Want to snorkel on our own but would like to do these beaches all in the same day since they are in the same area. Thanks, I hope it's ok to post my question here.

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    I agree with the suggestion of a "vacation vault". It was worth the cost and I ended up getting them for family members after we used it the first time. I think I found them 2 for $40 a couple years ago. They are $30 on the vacation vault website now, but if you google it, you'll find them on different sites. Even though we have never had a problem leaving items on the beach while we were in the water, I was never at ease knowing things were so easily accessible. We don't take much in the way of valuables to the beach, but securing our few dollars, room cards, cameras and/or phones puts us at ease.

    Hoping for a 30th anniversary trip to our favorite place.

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