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Thread: Aruba Rookies

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    Aruba Rookies

    Hi All, what a fantastic forum you have going on here !

    As the title states, my wife and I are Aruba Rookies and we'll be making our first trip in just over 2 weeks. We are celebrating our 25th Anniversary in September, so what a place to go and celebrate together ! We will be staying in a condo at Oceania, as we chose to stay in the low rise area. Been there/done that in other high rise/AI resorts in other areas. Looking forward to being there during the off season, hoping to be able to enjoy all there is to see & do with less crowds. Here's what I've learned for all the great threads...

    - Take a taxi from the airport to Oceania, Our passports have the chip, we have already completed/printed our Customs ED cards, there's a Super Foods close to our condo for buying breakfast/lunch/beverages for our condo, there's no safe in our room so we purchased a lockable tote bag to secure our valuables, the tap water is just as good as bottled water, bring sunscreen & DEET bug spray , there's nothing like Aruba trade winds blowing through your hair, rent a car/Jeep for a couple days to tour the island (too much to do in 1 day), buses/taxis should be sufficient for most other daily adventures, most places take US$ credit/debit cards but nice to have cash as well, budget $200-250 for daily meals/drinks, lots of beautiful beaches to relax on, and too many adventure options to list.

    One of the biggest things we're looking forward to is eating !! I've read so many reviews for all the great restaurants. Only issue is that we are only there for 10 nights and the "must visit" list is longer than that. SO, we would gladly love to read your "Top 5" list if you feel like sharing.

    The official countdown is at 19 days...the excitement is building every day.

    If there's any other tips/suggestions/info you'd like to share, we would surely appreciate it.

    We'll see your beautiful island soon....

    Jeff & Beth

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    Jeff and Beth..... welcome to the forum.... you have certainly done your homework.... Restaurant recommendations are so subjective and we all have different tastes. If I could only have 5 meals in Aruba... they would be Madame Janette's, Sunset Grille, Smokey Joe's, Passions on the Beach.. (for the atmosphere... ) and.......... Yemanja.....!

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    Welcome to the forum. It certainly looks like you're organized and ready for this vacation! Don't fret too much about getting to all the restaurants as you'll need to save something for your return trip!
    My favorite 5 tends to change because there are so many places we like. Here's the current 5:

    Madame Janette
    Salt & Pepper (Palm Beach)
    Daniels Steak (Palm Beach)
    Elements (at the Bucuti low rise)
    West Deck (Downtown)

    Happy planning!

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    When we were staying at an all inclusive one year I didn't want to miss out on all the restaurants. We did a crawl. It was so much fun. We picked about 5 restaurants we wanted to try and we stopped at each one for a drink or an appetizer, ending with dessert and coffee at the last stop. We got an idea what restaurants we thought we would like to go back to and, of course, we either walked or took a taxi to each stop.

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    Welcome to the forum... you will get awesome tips and advise here..

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    welcome to the community forum

    you have got it pretty much covered.

    visit the culinary section and read and read and read.

    my top 5 or 10 most certaily would not match up with some, everyone's tastes are different.
    here is a good mix, pricey, casual, inexpensive

    Madame Janette Pricey
    Barefoot Pricey

    Hung Paradise Casual and inexpensive
    Barneys Casual and Inexpensive

    Wilhelmena Pricey
    Quinta Del Carmen Pricey

    West Deck Casual, moderate price

    Passions on the beach Pricey

    BLT Pricey

    The Restaurant @ Tierra Del Sol Pricey

    Chalet Suisse Moderate price


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    The way I see it you only left one thing off the list - don't forget to write your trip report for the rest of us to enjoy! Some people do it daily, others wait till they get back - we aren't picky!

    I recommend using Google Earth in the next couple weeks to get some ideas of what you want to see while you have the jeep or car and just get some general points of interest.

    I tried to come up with 5, but these 3 really stood out to me so I will just leave these:
    Tango when we have a taste for steak
    Bugaloe for a casual meal with a great view - and a great band on most Tuesdays
    Barefoot for a fun sunset toes in the sand experience
    7 trips in and still finding things to love. #8 will be great in November!

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    Wow, thank you all so much. I recognize all of you as frequent contributors. appreciate all of the recommendations. From what I've read, this won't be our last visit to Aruba, so I like Pegmeister's advice to save some for our next trip ! Please keep them coming...

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    You might want to mix it up from pricey, mid-range and inexpensive as Andrea suggested. Also you may want to try restaurants close to you in Eagle Beach, at the high rise and downtown.

    Since you are staying at Oceania I will suggest these restaurants in the area.

    Chalet Suisse (closed sunday) You need a reservation. If you like steak they have an early bird special 530 to 630pm were you get a really big juicy NY strip, appetizer and dessert for like $35. They also have seafood dishes, lamb, schnitzel a little of everything.

    Terraza Italiana at Paradise Beach Villas if you like Italian and want to enjoy excellent views from their terrace. Prices are very moderate and they have a 2x1 drinks from 530 to 630.

    Las Ramblas at La Cabana offers diner al fresco with light entertainment. They have great steaks, paella, seafood. You can then try your luck at the Glitz Casino inside La Cabana Resort.

    Tulip restaurant at MVC Eagle Beach. Very moderate price, out door dinning but rarely crowded. They also have a happy hour but I don't remember the time as they are always changing.

    Don't forget to try some restaurants were locals go like Barneys, Bingoes, Bavaria, Gostoso. We all make restaurant list and they are usually longer than the days we are staying so we all have that problem. Yes so many choices, so little time!

    Enjoy, have a great time and please share your trip experience with us.

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    Our most important recommendation...start planning your next trip! Of course, we won't have to tell you that, once you get back.
    TRIP 14 MARCH 5-28 2018


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