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Thread: Aruba travel airport stories ( to or from?)

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    Aruba travel airport stories ( to or from?)
    brought a smile

    do you have any airport stories going to or from aruba?

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    Our worst airport story was when DW lost the Tanzanite stone out of a ring she had just bought on the island. While in the mile long customs line, she happened to look down and the stone was gone. There were so many people in line that day a search was out of the question. She was devastated, but the good news was when we got home, she contacted the owner who also has a shop in NYC and sent the ring for free repair. The owner was very apologetic and returned the ring with a better setting. Started out bad, but it had a happy ending. I guess we're pretty lucky if that is our worst story.

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    Leaving Aruba, our flight was delayed originally for an hour, then longer and longer. We happened to breeze thru customs that day so over 4 hours of just sitting around, and not getting much information from the airline, we finally found out that our plane was theRe and had cleared cusTom's but we had no gate. We waited a little while longer and thank goodNess we were waiting in the right place because we heard "everyone on this flight follow me". Next was a bit of chaos as people rushed through the airport down an escalator where we found out we would be taking a shuttle bus and Boarding from the tarmac (which I had never done before). There was very little communication or organization. Watching families with small children and a few people with mobility issues struggle to board, it was really a stressful situation. When we were finally squeezed into our seats, it was a relief.

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    Leaving Aruba we were at gate three waiting for the double doors to open up at gate one.
    Decided to walk to the very last gate to use the bathroom.
    Waiting for ever to get into one the stalls....
    Walked back and found out right after I left to go to the bathroom... the double doors open up and guess what there
    is another bathroom through those double doors..
    (** I did ask somebody if there was a bathroom through those doors and told me nope)

    Then I stopped to get some more chocolate at one of the stores.. the guy told me it was $3.00 a bar so I got 5 and gave him $15.00
    this man came to me a little later and asked me if I bought candy and how many.. he then hands me $5.00 back and told me it was
    only $2.00 a bar. He actually closed the store because he was the only one working there.
    Now that is being very honest.

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