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Thread: Aruba warmth

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    Aruba warmth

    Aruba Warmth

    My island says;
    I am your island young man and come silently through your morning window
    I cause you to turn and feel the warmth of my sun
    Your softness belongs to me during those dawn times
    I splash a multitude of Sun colors on you and when they come to your face, they will open your eyes
    My beauty blinds you

    And I say
    GooD day Sun - walk with me and follow me about
    Ward off dark clouds filled with cold rain yet if they do knock on our doors, teach me to greet them graciously
    Be with me today and give yourself to me
    Lend me your energy and blind me - bathe me - with your magnificence

    Then the Sun says
    At this days end you shall slip away silently and rest
    I will guide you to those far away places where you and I share dreams
    Young man, you and I shall share sleep moments and in those dark recesses, I will cover you with my colors

    Bring me everything, I hunger for you - so I might bathe in your splendor
    Blind me just as you have others

    Then Aruba and I say to the Sun
    We ask you to graciously move to the side and make room for the moon. You can do this now as you have so many times in the past

    And the day ends

    be well

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    Again...and again...Well done, Charles.

    Thank you.


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