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    Aruba Wind Dried His Eyes

    NOTE: The original version of this little Snippet was written in 2007. I re-wrote it recently in hopes that I could give one of my favorite little creations a bit more substance.

    Here - on this island

    When cars numbered less than fifty
    When smelling like sweat and salt was a good thing
    When closets never held more than three garments per person
    When shoes were bought by the color and not the size
    When shaving with yesterdays shaving water made the blade slide better
    When “Rocking Chairs” were prized possessions
    When saying “hello” was the start of a conversation and not just a greeting
    When fish were eaten and not “prized”
    When the elderly were considered wise and not old
    When (if you got sick) you went to the old lady that lives in the hills
    When receiving a letter was cause for a reunion of family and then later, a telling to friends

    During those times - Long ago - here on this island - Lived a wise man – he was elderly
    His life partner and friends knew him well – They knew his strengths and understood his weaknesses
    This man thought of his children - Off far away in a country called Panama
    Four days by boat (not 1 hour by plane)
    He thought of their misfortune – not being here on Aruba at his side
    They lived in cities of at least one thousand other souls – It must be stifling

    On soft nights - this man stood and spoke to the night - and it listened
    He chanted his children’s names - Almost a moan
    You could hear him - He would say
    Come back to us - We are alone - You must be lonely for us - I know this
    Here, not there - We are your home
    The small hills by the ocean miss you
    The cacti have no-one to prick and the thorns are bloodless
    The birds have no one to sing to and their voices are now weak
    Your dog no longer barks at night sounds - he sleeps, his head on his paws
    Crystal clear waters miss your splashing
    Dirt roads are without the marks of your bare feet
    These things my children - these things are bad

    On soft nights - this man stood valiantly and leaned into the heavens
    He leaned into the winds and dared anything to stop him
    His white hair was combed by the wind in a handsome way
    He chanted his children’s names - Almost a moan
    He wept softly at receiving their letters - They were read to him by others
    He read not - His wisdom did not permit it - he was to wise to inflict self pain

    This man - this man - this lover of his family moaned at the night
    And to maintain his pride – he went to the small hill in back of his home
    And there - All alone with his island and its elements
    This man removed his shirt and bathe in waterless fountains of loneliness

    Friends and family wordlessly looked on – yet pretended not too
    They stood with legs tight to each other and hands crossed in front
    They honored him with their eyes
    And as they did
    The wind would dry the old mans eyes

    Here on this small island
    The loneliness made him perspire
    He took pride to know that smelling like sweat and salt was a good thing

    And cars numbered less than fifty
    Here on this island.

    be well
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    Beautiful ! Merry christmas
    aruba lover 99

    45 th trip coming soon

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    Quote Originally Posted by love aruba 99 View Post
    Beautiful ! Merry christmas
    Thank you and a Merry Christmas to you and yours
    be well

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    Welcome back Charles! Excellent! I always...and mean "Always" enjoy everything that you have so graciously shared with us. Looking forward to more.


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