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Thread: An arubacons memories of aruba

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    An arubacons memories of aruba

    Visiting back here and reading about the memories and adventures everyone has visiting Aruba, however they can never have the memories I have. I grew up on the rock in Lago Colony (Sero Colorado), went to school there, remember when Palm Beach had no Casinos just a long deserted beach with palms and sea grape trees, baby beach t-docks and big dock was my swimming holes, was there when the Germans shelled it and watched the fire at sea from the torpedoed tankers, saw the shells going overhead trying to hit the fuel tank farm, saw the beached torpedo go off and kill those that tried to disarm it.

    The memories of Aruba as it was before tourism and big dollars moved in and growing up on a island paradise, free as a bird and nothing to worry about. Even the shelling during WWII are good memories to me and do not over shadow the growing up memories on a Caribbean Island where everybody knew each other and lived like one big family with never a problem.

    After leaving Aruba in 1952 to return to the States to join the Navy after my tour with the Navy I studied the USCG requirements and worked aboard vessels until I passed my first Captains license level. In time I acquired a 200 ton open water license and in time became the Captain of a Caribbean Charter Service vessel.

    Over time sailing into port in Aruba I watched it change from what I remember growing up there to what is now. Aruba is a wonderful place to visit and have the memories of being there now as it is, but they cannot come close to mine growing up there.

    I am known by the locals as an “ARUBACON”, Aruba born American parents, a dyeing breed. I sometime wish I had returned to Aruba when the Casinos started coming in instead of going to sea. Now I have the memories of watching it grow over the years, every time I had a charter I world work an Aruba stop in it if I were anywhere near. I have sailed to all the Islands in the Caribbean, as far down as the San Blas Islands and Panama. I have many great memories of them but my memory of home, Aruba over shadows them all.

    I say to all, “go on down, you wont regret it”, I wish I could go back but at 78 am just to old to do so now, But I still have my memories of a true Island Paridice and growing up there with the friendliest people on earth.

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    Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories.

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    Thank you John. Please post more memories.
    Eagle Beach Boy
    Ontario, Canada

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    Aruba since 1979
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    i bet that you have some great aruba stories of times past.

    would you want to share?

    thanks for posting
    Quote Originally Posted by cpjones View Post
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories.

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    what a nice story! thanks for your memories....

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    John Masters,

    Wonderful to read. I, too was born in Lago Hospital and grew up, cradle to college in the Colony, Class of '62. We were the most privileged children on the planet. I felt even more so because my mother was from Kansas and my Dutch father was from Amsterdam. But, Aruba and the wonderful cordiality of our multinational people are the gems of the earth. Sue Gravendijk
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    Thank you sir, for taking the time to share this great story with us. And many many thank you for serving 'our' country.
    You need to go back your are NEVER too old.....
    As you said Aruba is my favorite island ... it is really so true "it one happy island" if I could live there I would in a minute.
    Again thank you so very much for all you do and have done.

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