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    ARUBAMARK checking in!!!

    Hello to all!!! Sorry but as BUlly stated I have ptting a good dent in to the Balashi supply! We are having a great time. Weather is very humid because of the storms but sun everyday so far. One day it was cloudy but the sun was still peeping through enough to still get some color. Some people have been complaining about the bugs but they haven't bothered me, it might have to do with the amount of Balashi in my blood. We went to Ling and Sons first day and stocked up on food and beverages, excellent recommendation! I do have some great stories to tell but I will save that for when I bored at my desk at work, every few words I type here now I am looking out to my left and looking at the sun and Maracas opening. My parents have the kids today so my and wifey will be heading to the island for sun and cocktails. I have a wonderful story to tell about out fav rest the Bucaneer! We went to Gianni's last night food was great. Sorry to be so short but I need to veg out while we have the chance. I'll post in a few days. I made another great friend in Aruba, BULLY! He is a great guy and we will now look forward to seeing him every year when we return. Time for a Balashi!!!! sorry.......

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    ArubaMark, thanks for the update. Thankfully you have had good weather.

    It is great to hear that Bully has yet another true fan. He IS a true gentleman.

    Enjoy your Balashi and especially your day with your wife.

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    Bring me back a small box of Aruhibas!

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    Arubamarc..nice to hear from you, glad you are having a great time. Knew you would love being picked up by BULLY....he's the man...wasn't it nice to have a beer waiting for you? Can't wait to hear your trip report...keep us posted...ENJOY every minute !

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