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    Aruban Christmas

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but I was wondering if anybody has spent Christmas in Aruba or any other island for that matter? What was it like? Did you enjoy the experience?
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    if you go to the My Aruba Story section you will be able to read of some Christmas Aruba trip reports.

    We were in Aruba for Christmas a few times and it was spectacular.
    Lots of people!
    Restaurants are busy.
    Churches are packed.
    Aruban families are doing the same that we, non arubans time and large dinner prep!
    A few days before New Years, the residents go into "party mode" and begin their firecracker extravaganza. Long strands of firecrackers are laid out along the roads and then lit! Holy COW!

    There are fireworks at Lings a night or 2 b4 new years eve.

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    Any Aruba beach...

    Lightbulb For me personally...

    Christmas in Aruba was moving and special. I have never had such a feeling of peace and love being surrounded by my family.

    The decorations and the weather are just perfect.

    Tamarijn Christmas Decorations

    Radisson Christmas Decorations
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