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Thread: Aruba's Aloe benefits and folk medicine (not the company Aruba Aloe)

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    Aruba's Aloe benefits and folk medicine (not the company Aruba Aloe)

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    Very interesting...Thank you for sharing.

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    Any beach!!
    I've used it for burns and insect bites, even used it on the dog when she had a rash. I never would have thought of eating it!

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    If we're going to talk folk remedies, I have a bit of a tale for you.
    This last trip to Aruba, first week of April this time, wasn't the usual trip for me, or for us, I should say.
    I'd been living with the threat of a kidney stone flare-up for the best part of 4 weeks before leaving for vacation, and just as luck would have it, it decided to hit on the Sunday (our arrival day). The flight was fine, the little kids on the plane were perfect... curious and quiet. Nice.
    At any rate, as I said, the kidney stone decided to become active when we got to the resort.
    Fine... I had T3's for the discomfort, but I wasn't really impressed with the idea of being in that state of mind on vacation. Besides, I had no idea what the combination of sun and drugs might do. Sunday was fine, settling in. Monday got pretty uncomfortable, decided to do a painkiller.
    End of the day I'm looking at myself in the mirror and notice all manner of little blisters and bubbles all over my shoulders and upper chest.
    Yay.... chemical reaction to the sun and heat.... I've never burned in my life, other than my legs a bunch of years ago.

    (Remember, before going for your first walk along the beach after arrival, SUNBLOCK YOUR LEGS!!!)

    Tuesday, I meet up with one of my Reiki students on the island and he sees there's something not right with me,
    I tell him what's up and he makes a phone call to a friend of his on the island that can help.
    He then tells me that she's going to brew me a tea from the flowers of the Moringa tree, (something I'd not yet encountered)
    and we were to go to her place in a few days to get it.So, a few days later, we go and get it.
    In true Aruban fashion, wonderful person that she is, his friend had prepared the bottle (2 litres of the stuff) for me to drink,
    AND for the lovely lady and I, some chicken, funchi, fried pumpkin and plantain, all on rice.
    Not requested, but very much appreciated. The food was wonderful, the juice, well, not so much, but it wasn't meant to taste wonderful, it was meant to work. And work it did. I can't attest or swear to this yet, but I'm pretty sure the Moringa did it's work in dissolving or at least aiding to dissolve the kidney stone. I've not had any major issues or discomfort since the 2nd day home back in April.Those folks are amazing, and as much as it's knowledge that perhaps anyone can pick up along the way, it was them that passed it on to me.
    Many of them, mostly the staff at the Tamarijn (which we weren't actually staying at, we were across the road at the less than happy Divi Village)
    went out of their way to help when they saw the discomfort I was in.

    And I love and appreciate them all the more for it.

    I guess the point of all this was the Moringa... a folk remedy that seems not to have spread at least this far north...
    Except, now that I know about it, it may be time to open some eyes and ears up here.
    Mr. Ratt
    "It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got..."
    Aruba.... May 12, 2018... 3pm at the Tamarijn, see you there.

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    At least they didn't make you eat Iguana soup! LOL! It does not taste like chicken!

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