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    yes do that.
    contact lacabana and inquire about nonguest parking.
    make certain to mention that they will be dining on property.

    what we saw was a car rented by "pool hoppers" being towed.

    Quote Originally Posted by miesk5 View Post
    That's too bad for those folks! And will be an issue, especially since Las Ramblas is on the The Aruba Gastronomic Association (AGA) Dine-Around Program.

    Our friends stopped by and had no issues recently.

    Maybe the LC management needs to be informed? I'll call them asap to see if they have an option for that program's diners that drive rentals to the restaurants. Our DIL will be on that program when we go later this year.

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    I mentioned that LCBR does permit non-owners to park in the lots for dining (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks). I confirmed this w/management there again Nov. as well with Angel, one of the porters who always has a smile.

    And for non-diners, Eagle Beach on-beach parking is available just South of LCBR.

    Be Well!
    (btw, after so many years, this was probably our last Aruba vacation)
    Thanks to All Who Serve!

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