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    Baby Beach-nightmare

    This is first time posting and I am glad there is a forum like this. I have been coming to Aruba with my mother and nephews for about 13years now. We love this island and never had a problem until Monday, July 12th. My nephew who is 11 years old had to go to the bathroom really bad, we discovered that the bathroom facility was locked up and the place that ran it were not around. The people that run the rental of the beach chairs, beach awnings and that fly infested restaurant said we could use their bathroom for 50 cents. We waited and waited and waited. My poor nephew could not hold it any longer and went on himself... come to find out that even though they had two bathrooms they only had the key for one and a worker was in there taking a crap.. excuse the graphic nature and he would even answer as the other workers bang on the door. The bathroom reminded me of an outhouse. It was surrounded by flies, mosquitoes and a metal rusted grate that surely a small child could be seriously injured by. When we finally got in the bathroom, we were told we could not put toilet paper in the toilet because it would stop it up. Place it in the garbage can. How disgusting is that!!!! Germs and flies everywhere

    The people were so rude to my mother as she discussed her displeasure in the condition.

    Why isn't Aruba tourism involved in this beach! There should be a free bathroom facility, clean and available to all. At least 5 De Palm tour buses came through to snorkel. It is appalling, Do they expect people to urinate and crap in the water.

    Any suggestions on who I can complain to?

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    Kicking back and relaxing for two weeks, on the beach.. Jewelry Shopping and the Alhambra...........


    It sure sounds like if De Palm tours is taking many trips there, they could at least set up a couple of porta potties.. Some places are just not as well equipped as we would like them to be... Or it should be up to Aruban authorities to do something about this problem...

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    i have forwarded this thread to the ATA and asked that they pass it on to whom they see fit.

    sorry that you had a bad time there.

    i have seen no public bathrooms on eagle or palm beaches.
    the resorts have bathrooms for their guests.

    i agree about some portopotties being placed there and at other beaches.


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    the beaches
    I am glad you posted this thread. We were considering going to Baby Beach this trip, as we have never been there. This is something to really consider before we make our decision.

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    If you ever holiday in Greece or Turkey you will discover that not flushing paper is the norm. They have very antiquated plumbing with small diameter drain pipes. All bathrooms have a small bin for paper and are emptied daily. (Wouldn't want that job!).

    Nobody over here seems to mind it too much. Different strokes......
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    Anywhere on the beach...with a drink.
    It was shocking when we went to baby beach to find no public restrooms. You had to pay 50 cents at the food hut and get the key. Thank Goodness we did not need to use the restroom. We did the Depalm tour bus - personally, I did not find baby beach snorkeling to be very good. So many people stirring up the sand.

    Maybe the tourism dept. will see the thread and think about installing bathrooms.

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    I, too, had the same experience this year at Baby Beach. It took me about 10 minutes to find someone to explain to me why the bathroom was locked and how I had to pay $1 to use it (all the while I am doing the potty dance!). My husband and I were getting ready to leave anyways, so we packed up even faster and headed into town so I could relieve myself at the Subway bathroom, which I am sure was 200 times cleaner than the baby beach outhouse! I love Baby Beach and we will go back next year for sure, we will just make sure we go to the bathroom beforehand and not drink a lot while there! Don't avoid this beach just because there isn't a working bathroom, it is too beautiful to miss (especially if you get there before 10am and have the beach almost to yourself!)

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    With a beach as popular as that you'd think they'd have something set up.
    It really makes no sense, especially with the amount of families that visit there. What do they expect? I mean, everyone needs to go to the bathroom.

    Thanks for the heads-up, as we will probably be making a stop at Baby Beach this time around.
    We'll be sure to hit the bathrooms before we head out.

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    We did a Green Zebra tour to Baby Beach and I was so worried I'd have to go to the bathroom by the time we got there (I had been told there wasn't a bathroom there). Luckily I was ok (limited my water intake) but yeah, they should have something there - even if it is a port-a-pottie (that is maintained regularly!!)

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    We have been going to baby beach for years and know there is no facilties, the resort you are staying at should have warned you about the lack of bathroom facilities...or they at least should have told you there was a fee to use the ones that are there.
    It however is not unusual to see signs in the BR's telling you not to put paper in the toilets..It is very common on many of the Caribbean Islands.
    Glad Andrea sent a letter to ATA, hopefully it will bring some kind of change....sorry for your nephews bad experience.....

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