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    Any Aruba beach...


    Quote Originally Posted by arubaron View Post
    what rental car company did you use in aruba. Please let us know.
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    i used value
    Quote Originally Posted by robert dekoff View Post
    what car rental venue did you use? We go to aruba every year, and i would like to avoid a repeat of your terrible experience.---- thanks.

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    Under a hut, walking Eagle Beach, lunch on the beach, Amstel Bright Beer on the beach, coffee in the morning on the beach, taking a dip in the sea,

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    >>> "Happened to us a while ago, but not in aruba."
    ---- Also happened to my wife on a trip out west. The credit card company can tell when a card # is manually enterred and not swipped. I usually check our cards on line every few days. We called the credit card people on the phone and the charges were removed right over the phone. So the business where the # was manually enterred will get stuck for the $$$$. Never did hear back what the story was or who did what.
    >>> " i never understood why people use them"
    ----- Ditto. Only use mine to get cash at my local bank.
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