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Thread: Beach Police as per July 1

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    Some Updates in today's Amigoe. Google Translation:

    "Stricter rules and fixed location for beach events'

    Monday, June 20th, 2016 15:29

    ORANJESTAD - The beach at Bushiri could be a fixed location for beach events and festivals. Organizations would also have to meet stringent requirements before they get a permit. This is suggested by a group of police officers who specialize in the police school environment. Tomorrow they will give their final presentation.

    By our reporter

    Myrtle de Rozario

    First class agents Alberto Grovell, Jeralll Maduro, Sayanne Geerman, Darren Harms and Aron Jansen of the Surveillance Section, North District, did the research in the last two months and looked into events on the beach. " This study and the presentation is the last part of their specialization course Environment at MBO level 4. The group gathered to run information through an internship with carry bodies and conversations including Aruba Reef Care Foundation, Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA), TurtugaAruba, hotel organization Ahata, Directorate for Nature and Environment and Public Works.

    The group chose to explore the beaches of Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, because they see their surveillance activities to events and festivals on these beach locations "have consequences for the environment." This is stated in their final report, which Amigoe holds. The events they at targeted was Flip Flop Love Festival, Beach Tennis and Beach Soccer, all held in 2015. In addition, they see water sports activities on the beach and hotels which solemnize marriages. And also mentioned the camping season in the final report.

    "Economics comes first"

    The agent researchers have talked to ATA. In their report, they write that the ATA opinion of the officers replied that events on Eagle Beach and Palm Beach are not positive for the environment, but this actually attracts tourists and that is good for the economy. As regards ATA, said the agents, there would be a special venue to be built for events, or on a beach, but without it being detrimental to the environment. But until a solution is found to move events to another location, ATA will continue to organize. "

    Bushiri alternative

    A solution to remove events from Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, according to the agents, to move them to the beach Bushiri. There are hardly tourists and turtles are not there, because there are many big stones in the sand. The turtles can not make nests there. From politics (Chris Dammers, ed.) Has already been proposed to build a sports stadium in this location, including for beach tennis and other sports. The agents see that down, because "there are no problems with the organization of an event 'and' the police can check here better and maintain public order."

    Man threaten beaches

    After the aforementioned events at Eagle Beach and Palm Beach, the researchers note, lots of litter remain left on the beach blowing in the sea. Plastic cups into foam boxes, as well as bottles, cigarette butts, straws and beer cans. The officers talked with Castro Perez Aruba Reef Care Foundation and marine biologist Byron Boekhoudt and they spoke with tourists on the beach. "Events that are held on the beach, are very attractive. The population, especially the youth, coming towards it. To drink, the music and to meet each other. "The research shows that the white sand being damaged by" oil spills, with vehicles driving on the sand and internships that are built on sand. " In the sea comes up and the waste oil that comes from boats. "But it's also the man himself, because visitors throw cigarette butts in the sand, empty beer bottles left behind and parking is usually done on the beach," say the researchers.


    In order to organize events, requires a permit. The conditions currently stands among other things that garbage is not brought into the sea, which liquor may be sold only in plastic cups / bottles or cans, and that the organizers must leave a clean site and the surrounding area after the event. The agents argue for stricter rules to be imposed on organizers.


    The researchers spoke to Turtugaruba and heard the obligation of Aruba to protect sea turtles (through the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna and the Inter-American Sea Turtle Convention). "There should not be hunted turtles. But artificial light on the beach and the pollution of the ocean do not contribute to the protection. The sand will be as hard in the future, turtles lay their eggs can no longer burrow into the sand. Also, events sound chases turtle away, "say the agents. The five officers present their research tomorrow at the police academy. They also give presentations at schools and they want to convey their message through the media that more awareness should be on the importance of the beaches and environment of Aruba.

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