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    Beach Wheelchairs

    Dutch amigoe will show up perhaps on the english version - but not posted yet - so here's a very bad translation:

    With a wheelchair into the sea
    ...Persons confined to a wheelchair, can now relatively easily from the beach and even the sea. The beach was a presentation of a new product in Aruba, the so-called amphibious wheelchair. "Unique in the region," said Elizabeth promoters and Jose Puente.

    For Image of them go to:

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    thank you liz for posting this.
    hopefully real soon, we will get some details from the amigoe or from the ata soon.
    these wheelchair devices are awesome!

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    Why wait....

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    Any Aruba beach...
    Okay, dumb question
    ...if I am "getting' where this is located it is by the police station.
    There is a small parking area for the public wishing to use the beach, but how does one get the wheelchair over the sand to the "adapted happy wheels" wheelchair

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