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    Renaissance Hotel, Baby Beach
    Been in November and the rain comes but for about 10 minutes and than sunshine and a bit more humid. Just look at it this way, even thought there is a little wetness, you are on vacation on a beautiful island with lots to do even indoors.

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    I have been in November many times. One year it rained for 3 days, but most years, I have only experienced a rainy day here and there and usually only for a portion of the day - then the sun comes out and back to the beach.

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    Oh boy, I hope everyone is right about November, I've been waiting a long time to go to Aruba, want to see Sunshine. Will be a 1st for us.

    Hey DanaDog, did u happen to be drinking a grey Goose Martini when you got those Goose bumps ?( ha ha )

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