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    Yes, you can bring home alcohol and beer. I am not sure of the quantities. We stuck with a six pack of Amstel Bright.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tnbelle53 View Post
    This is probably a dumb question, as I have never tried to take liquor on the plane. Are you allowed to take the local beers out of Aruba? Thought I might bring some Balashi home for my son.
    I've brought as much as a case of it home without problems. I still have a couple in the fridge right now.

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    I bought three six packs of Balashi beer at the airport duty free shop as we were leaving Aruba. Since I bought them at the duty free store, I was able to place them in my carry on luggage. The price was excellent at only $5.00 per six pack.

    I have one more Balashi left and hopefully, this will hold me over until my next visit in a few weeks.

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    well my husband will be very happy to hear of this, he is not a big beer drinker normally, but does love those balashi's

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    Thanks to all for your replies. Can't wait to try the Balashi beer when we get to Aruba.

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    Plastic bag, bubble wrap, check in luggage, six pack no problem. 1ltr. per adult.

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    I just got back home and miss Balashi already!! I did buy one of the big 1 liter glass mugs that say Balashi on it, but I don't have any to put in it Oh well, next trip!! I think this is one of those things that makes Aruba my favorite place to visit, although I do wish someone who owns a big beverage distributing company would visit Aruba, fall in love with Balashi and import it here!

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