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    Birdless Beaches?

    My newbie trip to Aruba noticed something very interesting. There were no pesky Seagulls swarming the beach, hawking, squawking and pooping everywhere. The location was on Palm Beach. Is this normal, or are there other beaches in Aruba that may have birds? All I saw were the friendly, quiet Morning Doves pecking around, and a few colorful Parrots in the trees.

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    no pesky birds!
    some pelicans.
    some marvelous other little birds...........but not swarms of gulls.

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    Coolie, I noticed that too. We have some really big, aggressive seagulls at the beach near our home, so it was nice not to have them in Aruba. I loved the pelicans, though. I could watch them go fishing all day.
    Another bird I noticed were what I called "alkie birds"; little yellow and black birds that hung around beachfront bars, Moomba in particular, and flitted around trying to stick their pointy little beaks into bottles of alcohol. So cute.

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    Any Aruba beach...
    There are seagulls in the a.m. waiting for hand outs near the buffet at the Tamarijn. All day long there are pelicans off and on the pilings at the northern end of the Tam's beach. Ruddy Turnstone's do their thing at the surfline, especially when there are waves!

    Birds of Aruba (Ornithology)

    Bubali Bird Sanctuary

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    More birds and a question about birds.

    ...and don't forget the black birds with the bright yellow rings around their eyes that scream at you while you eat breakfast... Carib Grackles I believe they're called. I love 'em because they're so black, however, there are mornings when I would prefer they didn't scream quite so loud.
    At least there's no poop, as previously mentioned. Strange that.
    One bird I've not seen or heard of on the island is any sort of corvid, or should I say crow or raven.
    Does anyone know if there are any? (though I think I know the answer...)
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