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Thread: Bringing frozen meat to Aruba

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    We brought frozen sliced turkey breast (i roasted it at home, paul sliced and we brought it frozen)
    also brought 2 steaks, frozen and wrapped separately.
    we brought a whole CHECKED suitcase of 47 lbs of groceries.
    nothing else 'cept our daypacks.
    (all of our other stuff iin timeshare storage container)

    the cold and frozen stuff we had kept all together.
    the frozen stayed frozen and the cold stayed real cold.

    would we do it again? sure! if we had a non stop flight and an empty suitcase. the checked suitcase some of the stuff we had
    special K w/ strawberry, butter, swiss cheese, crackers, baileys and kahlua shrouded in bubblewrap, teabags, splenda, paper plates, cups, ketchup, pickles, mayo, pita bread, bagels, p butter, squeeze jelly,and all sorts of crap.

    the only thing we bought at LINGS was wine, milk, cream, oj.....less than $25

    yes i know you do not have to tell me................but what the heck, we brought it, are eating it and saved a few bucks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by danadog56 View Post
    Did you check them or did you carry them on ? Can you carry them on??
    We checked them in our luggage.
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    Last November met a couple from Canada. They brought one suitcase with 50 pounds of vacuum packed meat and one suitcase with their clothes. Said all was frozen solid upon arrival. They were on island for 3 weeks.

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    we have done it every year for the past 6yrs. You use the coolor bags and lined the bag with newspaper. To get more in one bag we freeze everything flat.

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    Great Idea! We always take travel cooler bags for the beach (each fit a 12 of Balashi). We fold em up on the bottom of our luggage, this time I'll be bringing some steaks!

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    Just came in Jan 1 I used several giant 2 gal. freezer zip lock bags To bring my Italian hot sausage and hot dogs and I put these in a soft cooler bag with a frozen blue ice pack and put them in my checked bags They were still good 4-1-2 hours later.

    You can"t get sausage like at home, on the island.
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    I usually never bring food with me but this year, we were going to arrive the day before Christmas Eve and I figured the supermarkets would be packed and low on supplies and then closed on Christmas Day and the day after so I packed a ham, frozen beef tenderloin and a frozen pork tenderloin in a cooler bag with ice packs. Low and behold, our flight was oversold on Delta and although our luggage got on the plane, we did not. (Dealing with Delta was a whole other nightmare) even though I had booked the flight 2 months ago paying top dollar. Needless to say, I figured we would not see our luggage again for days and it would stink to high heavens! After alot of phone calls, aggravation, and two trips to the airport, we got on the plane the next day and arrived in Aruba at 11 PM Christmas Eve. I figured I would have to file a lost luggage claim - the security officer at the Aruba Airport told me to go over to lost and found and believe it or not, there was my luggage! I picked it up and when I opened the cooler, the ice pakcs were still cold and the meat was cold - not frozen but COLD so it was a miracle that our stuff was still good. I cooked it all and it was delicious! So those freezer bags and cold packs really work! Our luggage was sitting on the floor in the Aruba airport for over 24 hours and the food was just fine. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it myself. So, go ahead and pack what you want. If you use a freezer bag and cold packs and send it in checked luggage, it should be fine....Enjoy....Cheryl

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    Last March we took 10lbs of frozen lunchmeat vacuum sealed and wrapped in newspaper. Checked our bags in Detroit, had an overnight layover in Houston and when we arrived at our timeshare it was still partially frozen.

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    Why do people use newspaper to pack their food products?

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    I brought a frozen container of spaghetti sauce and a frozen calzone but I will tell you the meat at Ling & Sons was great looking we ate out mostly (hubby said your on vacation don't cook) ok by me..



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