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    Camera Stolen off the beach in front of Radisson

    Aruba has great beaches, just don't leave any valuables by your hut when you go in the water. My camera with 200+ pics was stolen from my bag while my wife and I swam 20 feet away in the ocean. Its tough not to let that ruin my trip and perception of Aruba.

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    Sorry to hear about your experience, even more so the fact that no one near by saw it- or attempted to stop whoever went into the bag.

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    Sorry to hear about your camera! Unfortunately, everywhere you go you must keep your valuables locked up. When we go in the water, I have a bag with a combination lock on it and I put it under my chair with lots of stuff on it. Yes, it could get stolen too but a lot more complicated to take then just going into an open bag.
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    Sorry to hear about the theft and the fact you lost all of those memories but do not hold all of Aruba responsible for the action of one. Yes, Aruba compare to all the other islands in the Caribbean is the safest, but there is still precautions we all have to take.

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    although aruba is the safest place in the caribbean, there are bums everywhere out there to take advantage of those that are either unsuspecting or those that are suspecting and taking some precaution.

    everyone has to be proactive no matter how safe they are or how safe they perceive that they are.

    husband and i always bring our cameras and ipods to the pool or the beach in aruba (lacabana and eagle). we do the same thing that cindy does......we use a lock and put lots of stuff on top of the bag that is locked to the palapa.

    sure the lock is a deterrent and the stuff on and around the bag is a deterrent.

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    I hate hearing stuff like this. Makes me sad and long for the days when we'd leave our beach bag unattended at our hut on the Aruba Grand's beach and go for long walks up and down Palm Beach. Heavy sigh....

    Guess I'm going to have to invest in one of those bike lock things for Sept. I never take anything of extreme value to the beach - maybe $20 cash for some tips at the beach bar (will usually charge lunch or drinks to the room) - but I do always bring my camera. I don't consider my camera valuable but the pictures are always valuable to me!
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    I just shivered reading this. Last week, i left my camera at the palapa when we were in the water. Always tried to keep an eye on it. I took hundreds (yes hundreds) of pictures a day. I am a bit of a camera person and I just had gotten a New Canon 50D camera a week before that I traveled with. I would have FLIPPED OUT!! if it was gone.

    Im sorry to hear that it was taken. It was probably another guest vs an island resident.
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    I can't believe your camera was stolen...thats just not fair!

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    Sorry to hear it too! We always leave our camera when we go in the water. We bring it to the beach almost everyday. I would be sad about all the lost memories too.

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    Maybe if enough people request it , lock boxes can be installed on the palapas.

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