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    I tip for superior service, and if the service is bad, I still tip, but low enough so the server will know I didn't just forget to tip. Once in Paris I had the typical surly waiter at a posh resturaant, I left a 1 Franc coin standing up in the congealed gravy on my plate, The couple at the next table both spit wine they started laughing so hard!

    I'm pretty sure the witer got the idea of my satisfaction with his service.

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    My vote goes for how one is treated. There have been times, and I am not ashamed to post it, that service was very bad and I could not award one based upon that. One does not pay for poor service with a tip; if so, a very small one. I would guess that the message would get across and, hopefully, the next patron would get better service.

    Just an opinion.

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    anywhere there is a beach and water


    Quote Originally Posted by danadog56 View Post
    I would say if you are happy with the driver and are comfortable giving him a tip then go for it....once or twice we have been picked up and the driver barely nodded to us as we got on, no tip there...other times the driver talked and asked us about our trips, how many times weve been to the island, etc...he got a tip.....
    Whether it is expected or not I go by how I am treated.....same as for the waiter/waitress' when we eat out...I have no problem reduced a tip to almost nothing if the service is's their job and if they chose that job they should do it to the best of their ability...for whatever reason they chose the job ....

    That is what I thought.. thanks for your reply.
    First trip to Aruba down; many more to come


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