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Thread: Casinos question?? How did you do?

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    Casinos question?? How did you do?

    Hi. What is your favorite casino and have you had good luck in any of the casinos? I enjoy roulette? Anyone have any good luck and if so, where? Do they offer any matchplay or free stuff and if so how do you sign up or get offer vochers?

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    most if not all of the casinos have players cards where one accumulates be used for some freebies

    look in the daily tourist newspapers for casino offers.
    visit the player's clubs in the casinos for player's card.

    my good luck story......i think it was in 1999 or thereabouts.
    we went on a timeshare tour at lacabana.
    we did not buy as it was more than we wanted to pay.
    so as a thank you for listening to the speech, they gave us about $100 in rolled quarters and some match play for the now defunct royal cabana casino and $100 dinner voucher for the seafood buffet there.

    lo and behold we won on slots and i think craps.
    we took the cash in our fat little hands to a timeshare resale place and bought our unit RESALE

    and the funny thing was it was bought with "their money"

    we still laugh about our big win.

    currently my favorite casinos are marriott, alhambra and crystal.
    i love slots
    husband loves craps

    typically in aruba we play every other night in the casino.
    and i only spend $50.
    sometimes it lasts for 2 hours, sometime for 10 minutes.

    Quote Originally Posted by arubacam View Post
    Hi. What is your favorite casino and have you had good luck in any of the casinos? I enjoy roulette? Anyone have any good luck and if so, where? Do they offer any matchplay or free stuff and if so how do you sign up or get offer vochers?

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    The last couple of times we booked through MCM/Player's Choice Tours, we received a ton of match play coupons. My father and I both had great fortune at the Alhambra at the roulette tables.

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    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort
    I've had good luck and bad luck at The Casino at the Radisson! Few years ago, got a royal flush at video poker for 4,000 on my last night there....... Nice to bring great money home. A couple of years I've had great runs at blackjack and brought lots more home than I came with...... other years.... YUCK! The people are all great and I have a lot of good times playing there. I do wish they would update the place!

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    occidental has match play coupons.

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    everywhere and anywhere
    I have always had good luck at the the craps table there....usually walk away with more than I start with, not sure why...but I'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth...
    Have won decent money at casino in Holiday Inn....slots only though
    Have been to all the rest, but for some reason I haven't had any luck.....just one of those things I guess...
    But, wherever you choose to go......luck be with you !!!!!

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    Always did pretty well at Alhambra, until last year. I think they needed more help with the cost of expansion!
    "Vacation is what you make of it, take from it and what you leave behind."

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    This winter Glitz was the only casino we visited. We've been to may others on the island. We like the Glitz because there isn't a lot of smoke, the crowds aren't too bad, we can walk ther in less than 5 minutes and they have low budget tables.

    IMHO, you're going to lose where ever you go so you might as well be comfortable.

    In 14 visits to Aruba, there was one (and only one year) I went home a winner.
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    I try them all but the Hyatt and the stellaris are two of my favorites

    P.S. I usually do ok meaning I don't go home except last year it was a bust. I. couldn't do anything right. Oh well I'll try to do better next month
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    Last year I won $200 and Linda won $100 on the nickel video poker machines at the Alhambra. It was weird. We were on our way back to the Aruba Beach Club after dinner and Linda said she just wanted to go in and play $20 then go home. We sat next to each other and put $20 in each machine and she started playing deuces wild and I started playing double double bonus. We were both down to about $12 and I hit 4 aces and a deuce for 4000 nickels. On her same spin she hit 4 deuces for 2000 nickels. Really fun.

    About 5 years ago we lost every night. Nothing big but $50 to $100 every night. We were staying at the Renaisance ocean suites. On the last night, we were at the Crystal casino and losing again and Linda said she was going back to the room. I told her I was going to stay a little longer and she was ok with that. I walked back to a video poker machine which I thought was a quarter machine and put a $20 in. I hit play max and $5 went off my total. Duh, $1 machine. I caught a pair of jacks and kept them and hit a full house so I kept playing. I ended up hitting 11 or 12 full houses, straights, flushes for almost an hour. My $20 got me back $1250. Nearly broke even for the trip. That was fun too.

    we were playing at the Stellaris a few years ago and I was playing 3 card poker for $10 a hand. I was about even after an hour of playing and the table started to empty. There were 2 of us left at the table and the other guy was losing. He was getting his cards before me. He got a hand that he played which was an A,K, 8 and got beat by the dealers A, K 10. He still had money left but he got up and left. I almost got up because I hate playing heads up with the dealer. I told the dealer I would play until he beat me. I got a straight flush the first hand of heads up. That pays 40-1 on your pairs or better bet, so over $400 for that hand. It would have been the hand of the guy that left if he had stayed. I won 5 more hands before the dealer beat me.
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