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Thread: Cell Phone Charges

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    Yup, but I'm rethinking the phone thing. Definitely the MIO. I already have the device, just need to reactivate it. Its funny, when I'm home, I never turn my cellphone on, lol. If I can get a cellphone cheap (20 to 30 bucks), I might do it and probably wait til I got to Aruba to buy it so I can be sure it will work there. But I'm not even sure its necessary anymore. When Andrea said she didn't use hers at all the last time, it jogged in my mind that I had rented the phone for two weeks, used it once locally the first week, got it stolen the 2nd week and didn't really need it. The guys at the security shack where we stay told me if I needed to call someone local, I can always use their phone. I had used it twice, too.

    The only thing I really want is my internet to work and since Setar is the worse internet I think on the planet, just give me my MIO location so I can turn it on and I'm happy.

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    yup my "burner" phone.
    always keep a few handy..makes my life of crime so much easier

    Quote Originally Posted by act1966 View Post
    Is the back up phone a "burner"?!? Please tell me you watched "The Sopranos"!!

    Got it. So, Gaby, you'll need to buy the phone, get a SIM card with phone plan (in Aruba - Setar has a kiosk as you exit the airport), the Mio device (with data plan - unless you're just going to use FaceTime or Skype on Wifi...then you don't need the Mio) and then you're all set.

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