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Thread: Cell phone use

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    be prepared for huge roaming fees
    He has the simple choice plan from t-mobile.
    No roaming charges.
    On our cruise's we text all the time with no roaming charge.
    Will have to double check myself.

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    Andrea: thank you for preparing me. Had me really concern so I had to call T-Mobile
    Didn't want to be sticker shock.

    Just got off the phone with T Mobile myself... with the plan my son has for us
    free text any where including international... for me to make calls to the states from Aruba is $0.20 per minute and calls to me from
    the US is free. But will still not answer phone unless it is from the kids. Hey we are on vacation and don't want to be
    bother by anyone especially work.. lol
    No roaming fee either, We completed our contract with them years ago... and no longer have one.
    I had the rep. email me the quotes and doc it in my account.
    The account is in my name but my son takes care of it..

    Again... thank you. Can you all the help I can get.
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    We took our GS last year and he was doing snap chatting and emailing on his smart phone using the wi-fi at Costa Linda and there were no extra charges on our bill(we pay for his phone as long as he stays in school and he is in college now). As long as he doesn't go over his gigs there are no extra charges from Aruba.

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