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Thread: cell phones/texting/snapchatting

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    I knew there was another question. Cell phones. I want to be able to text if we split up and I am sure the kids will be "snapchatting" their adventures. What do I have to know about this?
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    So, like most everyone else you will want to be connected wirelessly!

    Once you get on the plane turn your phones to AIRPLANE MODE and turn ON wifi

    Once in aruba, you may OR may not have free wifi at your resort or on the beach.

    in Wifi zones you will be able to have full access to internet.

    your USA cell provider may have an international deal for you...check with them.

    do you know if hilton has free wifi?

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    We have T-mobile and get free texts and unlimited 3G. Twenty cents a minute on calls.

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    We will have Wifi at the Hilton.

    I called Verizon to ask how things worked. I could get a TravelPass for $10 a day/per phone. That is pricey for 4 phones for 6 days ($240). My husband has a work phone so he is on his own figuring that one out.

    With the ages of my kids, they may not be with us at all times. So, I need to be able to send "are you alive" messages and receive "all is good" messages back. Access to directions, taking photos with phones would be nice too. Maybe I put this plan on a couple of phones or on all except for the travel days. Decisions, decisions.

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    Here is the Pay as you Go amounts. You only have to pay $10 a day if you use data, make a call or text. So, I am thinking Airplane mode and use whatever WiFi is available. Phone will be a camera.

    $0.50/message sent
    $0.05/message received
    $0.25/MMS message sent
    $0.25/MMS message received
    $0.002 per KB or $2.05 per MB

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    If you use your phone as a camera be sure to have your photos backed up to a cloud somewhere like Google Photos. I had an issue with my phone in the middle east and lost every photo on it. Also, I don't know the answer to this, but could you buy sim cards at the airport more economically?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaltVB View Post
    Also, I don't know the answer to this, but could you buy sim cards at the airport more economically?
    Probably not if you're buying for four phones. It costs us around $50-60 each (two of us) when we load up our phones. You also have to have unlocked phones (some carriers don't allow this or charge to unlock the phone) and purchase local SIM cards.

    I think you have to assess how often the group will be separated... Is there a chance the five of you will go your separate ways a lot? Will the kids tend to wander off on their own? Can they share a phone? If it's just to update their friends and chat back home, I'd put a restriction on using wi-fi only and have one phone available for then if they leave the Hilton.

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