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Thread: Check your credit card statement carefully

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    Jun 2011
    I have had my credit card compromised here in the States twice. Since then I review the transactions monthly if not sooner. Through the experience I learned a lot. Credit card identity theft is quite common. Even though the charges get reversed, the merchant takes the loss and most times there is no prosecution, unless large sums of money are involved. Bottom line...check your transactions.

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    thats good to know...checking into the pheonix Monday...guess I'll use you remember who waited on you?

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    Feb 2015
    When I used a third party for a hotel stay in San Juan... they hotel also charged me thinking it wasn't me... wth
    Called the hotel and they said they will look into in. Called the third party company and they fixed it right away. Also called
    credit card company to make they corrected it.

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    i think people should not react with fear in using their credit cards.
    just keep your cards under your watchful eye and check your statement/activity online.

    a word of caution though is do not use your debit.
    a thief can empty your checking account in the blink of an eye.

    at least with phony charges on a credit card, the issuing company will credit you!

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    Andrea is correct! Never ever use your debit card out of the country even if it can act as a credit card. I've gotten to the point in the States that I don't even use it in restaurants. If I can't input my pin, it isn't used.

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