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Thread: Children...."unsupervised"

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    Forum member divi divi fan, recently posted her Aruba story.
    She made mention of a situation that we have probably all witnessed at one time or another.

    "unsupervised kids behaving badly"

    Dealing with unsupervised kids (that are behaving inappropriately ) is a nightmare.
    It is unacceptable and it is dangerous.

    Other forum members have now decided to switch resorts due to the fact that they are just fed up.

    My experiences are Aruba we have seen unsupervised kids infrequently. Our last 12 years of travel we have gone to Aruba during mostly non school break periods. There was a smattering of misbehaving kids here and there over the last 10- 12 years. Christmas week 2006 or 7 we saw lots at Lacabana and Renaissance Ocean Suites.
    Our most recent trip, at the Tropicana.....2 parents dropped off their 6 year old and they went to play beach tennis. The child (from Chile) adopted Paul and I and our grandchildren. Eventually security came, and we expressed our concerns about her being alone. The parents came back after about an hour and they were not only spoken to by security, but were escorted to the office.

    Being on lots of cruises, we have seen horrific situations with unsupervised kids.

    It is ALWAYS the parent/guardian's fault. Children need to be supervised and cared for appropriately.

    Do you folks have any thoughts or comments?

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    I could not agree more. We see that often when staying at the Ritz actually. People leave their kids in the pool and disappear. While the pool is far from deep, you only need a few inches of water to actually drown. Our 6yr old is NEVER out of our site while in Aruba but many people do not do the same as we do with their own children.

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    It's a shame that there are some parents who just don't use common sense when traveling with children. My feeling is they are so wrapped up in having their own good time they don't care. Our experience with unsupervised children has been primarily at the Divi. Last trip one young couple left their infant on a blanket under a palapa while they both went in for a swim. Another bunch of couples, traveling as a group, left their kids at the pool while they went and sat at the bar. The buffet restaurant had kids running around with no parents in sight. I may have a low tolerance level, not having children myself, but I'm on vacation too and don't want to watch or entertain someone else's kids. There's my vent.

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    Leaving my child alone in a foreign country and walking off to do something else is irresponsible at worst and inconsiderate and selfish at best. Those parents expected others to watch their child while they were gone.

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    Everyone should remember the old saying... "Stranger---Danger"
    Leaving your kids "any where" is opening to so many doors for horrible situation no matter where you are. No place is 100% safe.
    Parents please if you bring your children on vacation watch them, discipline them, remember it only takes seconds for something to happen that can not
    only affect them but you as well.
    Don't think others are willing to be your baby sitter while you run off to have "fun" we are on vacation too.
    Some of us don't even like other people's kids especially strangers one.

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    I'm glad you posted this thread Andrea. After my "venting" I felt so terrible and hoped I would not be judged badly. I also felt badly if anyone changed their plans to stay at the Divi. I will always love the Divi and after returning home DH and I discussed we would probably try again but instead of November change our trip to either Sept. or October, if we are blessed with a better year in 2017.

    I totally agree wherever you are staying, Aruba, U.S. or elsewhere you should never leave a child unattended, especially near water. I am sure everyone has heard nightmare stories on the news over the years with children being abducted while parents are having fun. Also, you are so correct we cannot blame the children if they are not brought up with the values we all have, it is no one's fault but their parents. I think sometimes the resort needs to say more especially when children are running around the restaurants while the servers are trying to do their jobs. I would hate to see a server get hurt because a child runs in front of them and they fall etc. Of course if the child got hurt while running around the parents would probably be looking for the next lawyer just kidding but you know how some people are.

    Maybe the parent's who don't pay close attention to their kids should stay at resorts with babysitting. I also would like to add their are lots of parents who do bring their children who are well behaved and properly watched, Kudos to them

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    Wow! I can not imagine leaving a 6 year old! Remember, too, Tropicana is not on the, or across the street from the beach - it is BEHIND LaCabana which is across the street from the beach - that is really far away when leaving your 6 year old is concerned. Honestly, I would not even think of leaving my 12 or 14 yr old at the Trop while Rich & I went to the beach. Now, I may be just a tad overprotective, but I'll own that!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    We never had a problem with young children at the Tam, but our first trip was during President's Week in Feb 2008. The amount of teens running around at night with no supervision or concern for others almost stopped us from coming back. We now travel end of Feb/early March and avoid the problem.

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    No excuse for tourists children being unsupervised. Aruba had to be the funnest place to bring children, even when they age into teenaged monsters. I've witnessed security response at resort pools for misbehavior. They get to the scene fast

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