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Thread: Children...."unsupervised"

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    We always sneak away from our two kids but they always seem to find us. Only kidding....Being a parent of 2 and traveling with them since they were infants I must say we are a little over protective no matter where we go. Kids are always in site. Most times we are doing things with them to keep them occupied, i don't mind. I love spending time with my kids. If we decide we need a break we get a room down in Atlantic City for the night and leave the kids with family. To add to this i makes me mad when I am spending time with my kids and I see the pushy parent that wants a break saying go over there and play with them, what am I the built in babysitter now? Hey don't get me wrong, I am not anti social but you can tell the parents that are just being selfish and the ones that are legit. just my 2 cents....

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    Just don't understand "how" some parents think the way they do..
    Every time we went on vacation my son would bring over a kid and say "mom... this is my new friend" "his mom said it's ok for
    him to hang out with me" WTH... I can be the "craigslist child killer"
    But really people need to watch their own children... near drownings/drownings are the top things that causes a death in children.
    Took care of so many near drowning children.. so sad and so forgotten too.

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