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    Christmas In January

    As is our norm, we booked our March vacation through United Vacations. United services our regional airport and thus we get a package deal, air and hotel. The routine is in Sept-Oct when it appears the 'price is right', we book the trip with a $400 deposit with balance due late January. (next week).
    TA called yesterday to advise the price had dropped $800. She speculated that because we didn't take trip insurance, if we re-booked we would loose the deposit but still save $400 in the transaction. SURPRISE! United only charged a $50 Change Fee so our package dropped $750 bringing our total cost to a number lower than we paid in 2007! Merry Christmas to me.

    A note to those who wonder why we book package deals. We are members of the Tamarijn/Divi Red Parrot Club and thus qualify for discounted room rates. Athough I check every year, I have been unable to get a lower total booking separately versus a package deal.

    Not sure but I believe Mimi has already targeted the savings for a visit to 'A Touch Of Gold'!
    Joe & Mimi


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    Congratulations Joe and Mimi (especially Mimi and her new *bling* ) and kudos to United for fair business practices under the guidance of a travel agent doing their job.

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    Congratulations it is great to get exactly what you want and an unexpected refund as well, ENJOY

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    You cant beat that. Better than hitting the lottery and much warmer too.

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