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Thread: Closest Church to Renassaince

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    Closest Church to Renassaince

    In the past we have traveled to Alto Vista as part of our yearly tradition but haven't done so the past few years. My DD is getting her confirmation next year and she has been tasked with going to mass every Sunday and needs to get a sign off from a priest that she attended mass on Sunday. What is the closest church to attend near the Ren? Unfortuantely she does not get a pass just because she is on vacation. I just told wifey that I would have Bully saign it, how would they know and she gave me a dirty look. Guess thats not setting a good example. Hey I tried..... I believe there might be one I believe it's yellow across from us not 100% sure. Any suggestion for a quick walk to on Sunday while we are there would be appreciated.

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    here is the reply that i got from my friend!!
    the church of San Franscisco in Oranjestsad is closest, but he will need a taxi as some neighborhoods he will have to walk through might not make him comfortable.St. anna''s in Noord does English bet....

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    Does it have to be Catholic? Having been raised in that faith, there's nothing I enjoy more than finding a loophole with them. The Old Protestant Church is a three minute walk from the Ren:

    I'm going to bet her local parish priest will take the sign off from the Protestants... they'll be worried she's converting and won't want to lose her on a technicality.

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    There is a Catholic Mass 5pm Sunday night at the Casa de Mar in Eagle beach, in back of the Alhambra.

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