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Thread: Clothing that you bring to Aruba

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    I never, I mean really never wear dresses at home, but I always pack a few for Aruba now. Its so easy just to throw on a sundress for dinner. Sometimes I will wear capris with a casual top in the evenings. I have a few casual dresses that double as a swim cover up for days on the beach when we will be going to get lunch or happy hour around Palm Beach. Jon is tee shirt and cargo shorts kind of guy all the time, but I always bring him a collared shirt for a nicer dinner, or two. We probably pack more bathing suits and tee shirts than anything else.

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    When we first starting going I packed so much clothes, each year after less and less. We go for 3 wks, and I pack for 1wk and do laundry between cocktails ! Collared shirts and shorts for DH , sundresses for me and a couple of bathing suits. I've even cut down on the number of flip flops I bring ! Lol

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    I normally pack two pairs of jeans, two polo shirts, t-shirts, shorts and cargo shorts, two pairs of sneakers and one pair of flip-flops. I also bring along a hooded sweatshirt, which comes in very handy on the trip over and back as Piarco International Airport and Queen Beatrix International Airport have the AC cranked to Arctic Blast. I once sat across from these two guys in the departure area of Piarco International who were dressed in sleeve less tops, three quarter pants and sandals; they were shivering from the cold air of the AC. After my first visit I tend not to pack as much since I normally do laundry before I return home and also because I know that I will pick up two or three new Aruba t-shirts so I will want to leave room for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traceyd14 View Post
    I never, I mean really never wear dresses at home, but I always pack a few for Aruba now.

    Same - never, NEVER wear dresses at home.Last time was my Goddaughter's christening, time before was my daughter's high school graduation, but I always bring one to Aruba!
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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    I used to bring my dress golf shorts and a bunch of benihana shirts.The wife would bring enough for 2 months (We only stayed 2 weeks)Now i just do the golf shorts ,sandals and my polyester/cotton golf shirts. take out of suitcase and throw on hangers.i also take my cooler and a frozen container of wifes pasta sauce..some D D coffee.And 2 hood light cream Just with a throw away freeze pack.
    From Marblehead ma.Every Jan stay at Costa Linda.For last 20 years.

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    For some reason, Aruba always brings out the style within me. For the most part, I dress plain vanilla here at home. In Aruba it's all bright colors, nice sunglasses, and just an overall air of freshness. I know that's the most millennial answer ever, but it's the truth. There's something about that place that brings out the beast within.

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    3 pair socks
    3 pair swim trunks
    4 pair shorts
    4 pair wears
    6 Sleeveless and T Shirts
    7 short sleeve shirts
    Flip flops
    Pool shoes

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