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Thread: To Connect or To Not Connect...that is definitely the question in my house

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    Let me throw a different angle on big a difference is it to use an iPad to read news, sports, e-mail, etc versus reading a book on a kindle. Either way, you're relaxing and reading. I'm not a big book reader, but I love to read news articles and follow sports.

    My real Aruba relaxing comes from walking around Renaissance Island or walking the stretch of beach between the Ritz and the Westin, depending on where I am staying. Drink in hand, no reading material.
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    We take a tablet and just check it in the evenings and I take my cell, but shut off data(for both cell and tablet) and only use wifi....I have installed an app called whatsapp and can use it to txt internationally with wifi while on is internet based so uses the internet and not your txt messaging system so you are not charged for txt messaging. If your friends are staying elsewhere have them install this app as well and you can txt message each other as long as you have wifi available. You just need to have that person's phone number in your phone so you can txt back and forth. I use it here at home to txt friends in Aruba and Barbados. Here at home I still have unlimited data on my cell (refuse to give it back to verizon so I buy my phones outright) so I can txt and keep in touch with friends internationally without being charged. Thing is, Facebook just bought the app and now are charging $1.00 per year and I am sure they will increase it now that they see how many people use it....and also find a way to screw it up as well....

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    Thanks everyone for sharing your reasons and methods. Right now we are leaning towards bringing a tablet and doing like some of you, a little in the morning or evening while we are in the room but keep it limited.
    Lisa - I applaud your “no TV” rule. We turn the tv on when we are in the room, but more for background noise than anything. We only watch live sports, but usually go out and about for that.
    Peg - With all you guys have been through, I am so happy you will be back in Aruba this year.
    Rob O - I actually understand going through the work emails. I always know when I get back I am going to have a few hours of just reading email and it that first day back is brutal. This year I have a pretty capable back up for the first time in a long time and I think he will take some of that pressure off.
    Act1966 - I know you mean too about feeling a stressful when you’re disconnected. The first day or two I can’t tell you how often I reach for my phone and then realize I don’t have it with me.
    Dana - I’m going to check that app out, thanks!

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    Whatsapp is great

    We bring a laptop or 2, an iPad & a kindle. I need to be able to be reached by my animal sitters and by the office if need be. They really wouldn't bother me unless it was important and I have no back-up at all.

    I am usually up a few hours before everyone else and I don't know what I would do without my electronics. I tend to go thru work emails and forward them to others to handle, check this board, check Facebook, read books, etc. while watching the island wake up from the balcony
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    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ

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