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Thread: $$ conversion?

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    $$ conversion?

    Should I bring US $$ or convert to Aruba Guilders?

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    Dollars arew excepted everywhere. Casinos function on the dollars. There is no real need to convert

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    As a follow up.

    If for any reason you do want/need Florin I found the easiest place to get them was at the Valaro Gas Station at the edge of town. Just drive up the the outside attendent and ask him if he will change US$ for Florin at the bank rate of 1.75. I changed $100 US with no problem.
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    >>>> "There is no real need to convert"
    ------ DITTO! Most places, shops, stores have prices in US $$. At your resort will only see US $$ used. Gas stations and super markets will not have prices in US $$ but will convert for you and take US $$. Bring a lot of small US bills and coins as places like Subway, bagel shops, ..... run out of US change so you may end up with their change if they are out of US change.
    Ling & Sons(super market) even took my Chase Visa Card and processed charge in US$$ so no conversion or extra fees from my bank. They did ask to see a ID.
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    I think there is no need to convert!!!
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